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I love going to grocery stores. I know some people are not really into shopping or grocery shopping but I love it! I love looking at new and different products and searching for new things to cook and bake with. Over in Mission Gorge near the Kaiser hospital on Zion there’s this Farmer’s Market that I have eyed for years but have never gone into. A couple of weeks ago after a quick stop for tortas at Tropical Fruit Paradise, I managed to convince Jake that we should check it out. Not that it takes much to convince Jake to do things. Maybe it’s because he likes me or something.

farmers outlet

I kind of dig that this sign looks all beaten up and worn out.


Outside before you walk in there’s lots of herbs and plants for gardening.

fruits and plants at farmers outlet

And various specials – like melons and berries!



More herbs! And flowers! It seems like they have a little bit of everything.


They also carry locally made bread and other baked goods. A few of the racks here have bread from the La Jolla Baking Company (which, funny enough, is in Mira Mesa – I guess Mira Mesa Baking Company didn’t sound as glamorous).


Fried fruits, nuts, trail mixes, candies.


This was also a Mediterranean market and lots of various Mediterranean goods. Here’s some various low sugar pastries (such as raisin cookies, zaban with jam, and pies).


There were lots of fruits and also… Julian Pie! For only $11.99! They sell the Julian Pies at Albertson’s for $14.99 so this is a steal. Of course we got one.


Some various hummus and dips from Oasis Naturals made here in San Diego. They had a bunch of different flavors of hummus, such as roasted red pepper, kalamata olives & chives, roasted garlic & chives, artichoke, basil & sun dried tomato, cilantro & jalapeno and regular hummus. I didn’t try the hummus that day, I opted instead to get some tzatziki to go with the fresh pita bread.


Here’s a bunch of cans of eggplant, stuffed grape leaves and tahini. Also: fried eggplant in a can? Why?


Teas, waters, sour grape juice.


Spices. So many spices.


I told Jake to stand like a model from the Price is Right for this photo of Giant Beans.


They do indeed look giant.


I had no idea what this is, but wikipedia tells me that “…the flavor has been described as a combination of strawberry and pineapple, with sour citrus flavor notes contrasting with an underlying creamy flavor reminiscent of coconut or banana.” Sounds complicated.


More drinks! I don’t think I’ve seen a banana drink before.


Here what I actually purchased! Obviously, a Julian apple pie. Dutch apple crumb, forever and ever.


I’m not sure what to do with these two items. Maybe shortbread cookies? A soaking syrup for some cake? Mixed in with lemonade? If you have suggestions, please let me know!


This Oscar’s Salsa (also made locally) is our absolute favorite salsa! We used to get the medium level. One time we decided to buy the hot because A) someone told us it wasn’t really that hot and B) they were out of medium. We tried it and I actually ended up preferring it over the medium. It’s not super spicy and has tons of flavor!

I also tried the Tzatziki sauce with that fresh pita bread (which was so so so good – the pita bread was FLUFFY and light and had the perfect texture once you heated it up in a skillet). This tzatziki was okay – the bits of cucumber in it are cut chunky and I don’t think I like the big chunky pieces. I’d rather have it ground up finer and mixed well into the yogurt sauce.


I also got these two little snacks – just because they’re hazelnut! They were pretty much just wafers with a slight hazelnut chocolate flavor to them. I was hoping they’re be creamier but they were both a bit too dry and didn’t have enough filling for my tastes.

I’m definitely heading back here for more of that delicious pita bread and cheap Julian pies! There was a lot of items/products I wasn’t familiar with that I’d like to check out sometime on a future revisit to the market. Everything seemed pretty reasonably priced here with a good selection for fruits and veggies.

Farmers Outlet
10407 Friars Rd
San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 563-9165
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19 thoughts on “farmers outlet / grantville – san diego, ca

  1. I’ve seen that place too whenever I’ve had to go to the Hospital. That place looks great! It reminds me of what North Park Produce in CV (which is now gone, boo) used to be like. It also had a wide selection of Middle Eastern products. The guanabana/soursop is indeed an interesting fruit. It reminds me of cherimoya, a similar type of fruit. I’ve seen it described as a ‘custard apple’. Haha, I have a bottle of Orange Blossom water as well (also from NPP) and it’s still unopened. I don’t know what to do with it either! Great find and way better than Whole Foods and those other upppity/frou frou stores!

    Dutch Apple Crumb is the bomb!

    1. Hi CC – Oh yeah, I remember I went to North Park Produce in CV. I don’t know if it’s still there or not, but there is also one in Poway. I loved getting pita bread from there, too! It was always the nice, soft, fluffier pita bread! Maybe next time we stop by here (for more pie fix) I’ll get a can of that drink just to try it. This place is nice and reasonably priced. Did you read that article about how Whole Foods was dinged for overcharging customers in Southern California?!

      1. The NPP in CV closed several years ago. The owner fell ill and eventually died and his relatives didn’t want to continue the store. That soursop drink is kind of strange tasting though. My parents like it but it’s worth at least one try. Haha, I saw the

        1. Dammit, i clicked submit before I was done…


          Haha, i saw that article about WF. Not surprised at all. I can’t believe there are people who spend hundreds grocery shopping at WF. That’s so not normal for me.

          1. Hi CC – Oh, that’s too bad. I had wondered why it had closed. I don’t go to WF very much and whenever I do I make sure to be extra careful and keep track of how much everything costs because it adds up SO FAST!

  2. I love soursop! My aunty used to grow them in Hawaii and she would always freeze some fruit pulp for when I visited. It’s like cherimoya and completely not like cherimoya. The actual fruit pulp is a little stringy, like pineapple fruit and it’s sweet-tart (more sweet than tart). I’ve always wanted to try and grow one, but I think it gets too cold in Poway during the winter.

    1. Hi Leanne – I’ve never heard of soursop before, I just thought the name was interesting! I wonder if they sell the actual fruits anywhere so I could try it. It sounds interesting enough!

  3. This is so cool, they have so many unexpected ingredients! I love going to stores (especially ethnic ones) that have all kinds of foods I have never seen or heard of before. They seem to have a lot of Middle Eastern food there, I think you can use the rose water and orange blossom water in all kinds of desserts! I think I’ve had rose ice cream before…once it was pretty good the other time it tasted like soap :/ haha

    1. Hi J.S. – Me toooo! Ethnic markets have the best stuff since it’s all stuff you don’t see at boring, er, normal grocery stores. I’ll have to experiment with the waters. I’ll have to go light with anything with the rose water so it doesn’t feel like I’m eating perfumed soap, haha.

  4. We love the variety of items and corresponding prices here (and also stop by after Tropical Fruit Paradise). I use rosewater and orange water in dessert things, like adding to cream before whipping or as a flavoring in pudding, ice cream, bread, pancakes, cookies, cakes…if you grill fruit, sprinkle some on before grilling. I’ve also put some on a small plate and used as a sort of air freshener. It’s just refreshing, like a subtle cologne, if you spritz on on a hot day.

    1. Hi Cathy! Thanks for the ideas! I bet the orange blossom is great for whipped cream! Might be good in a banana-orange like flavored bread, too. I’ll definitely have to experience, thanks for triggering a few ideas. I meant to do a revisit review on TFP but then I didn’t feel like it, haha, but I love that place. Their tortas are still my favorite.

  5. What a fun afternoon…my kind of day. I love shopping in general. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun at the store, posing and all. Hilarious. I often get shy or weird about overshooting in public places. I should probably try to get over it, especially if I want to be a decent blogger or yelper haha.

    1. Hi Miss Kim – Actually, I got a little weird about taking photos, I noticed the cashier dude was staring a new hole into my head as I took photos but he didn’t say anything. But then I started only taking photos from the aisles where the cashier dude couldn’t see me, haha. I never know if someone’s going to yell at me for taking photos. It’s happened before and I don’t like getting yelled at! But honestly it only happened once, so I guess I’m just paranoid. 🙂

      1. I try to take pix when no one is looking. Better yet, if Bert and TC (or whoever else) is with me, they usually are a diversion so I can snap pix unhindered. They feel so “used”. I also give my money to Bert before going in a store so that I can be free to take pix (if needed); then he can pay with my $.

  6. How are the Julian pies so much cheaper here?! That’s a great price. Dutch apple crumb is my absolute favorite too (minus the apple in the middle part).

    I always associated food outlets with ‘almost expired’ stuff. Did you find it to be the case here? I’m kinda neurotic about checking expiration dates though (at every market I go to).

    I’ve wanted to buy rose water too! I just didn’t know what to do with it and I get paranoid thinking all the cookies I make with it will taste like flowers or something. Have you ever purchased stuff with the INTENT to use it but it ends up expiring in your pantry? I have so much un-used pantry stuff right now 🙁

    1. Hi Faye!
      I have no idea why the pies are so much cheaper here but that just makes it more awesome, haha! I loooove the apple crumb, and I like the apples in the middle 🙂
      This said outlet but it wasn’t really an outlet – it was just a market. There were not almost expired things here – it was all fresh/new items.
      I have bought lots of things with the intent to use but ever use them…. god that happens to me a lot. I buy stuff, forget it’s in there and then WHOOPS… it’s gone bad or whatever. I still haven’t used either of the waters I bought… hopefully I won’t forget this time!

  7. Hi Mary! Rose water is used “A lot” for your face, really good! Soursop is a strong cancer fighter, hard to get it here fresh, you can buy Soursop leaves at Amazon for $17.00, free shipping, you get 200. People make tea out of them! Also, next time you go to Farmers outlet get the flat of eggs, and the homeade flour tortillas, they are the best! Everything is so good there!

    1. Hi Mary – Thanks for the tips and information! I haven’t been back here in awhile but it’s probably time for a revisit!

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