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I last wrote about Mamma Lina’s back in 2009 – man, that was like FIVE years ago! I found this place while I was still at my old job and now that my current job moved closer to Sorrento Valley, Mamma Lina’s has been back in my regular lunch rotation. Things have change a bit recently.

There used to be this huge hedge that made it hard to see the deli:

mamma linas courtyard

[old photo from 2009]


[new photo with no hedge]

They’ve removed that and put in astro turf and more tables and chairs for outside dining. They’ve managed to double the seating! It’s also a lot easier to tell that there’s a deli/someplace to eat here since before it was all hidden behind the hedges. It really helps open up the space.

lunch specials board at mamma lina's in san diego

They also have daily lunch specials now and have expanded their menu a bit – it’s not just ravioli anymore!

mamma lina's menu - 1

Here’s their regular menu – side one.

mamma lina's menu - 2

And side two of Mamma Lina’s menu.

The prices haven’t changed – you can still get a full order of ravioli (which comes with garlic bread and a side salad) for $6 dollars. SIX DOLLARS!

full order double bread

This is a full order of ravioli with half cheese and half mushroom. I got double bread because they started adding frisee to their salads and I can’t stand frisee. Maybe I’ll get a normal salad next time and just fish all the frisee out…

full order cheese and mushroom ravioli - mamma lina's

This is also served with meat sauce with pesto. I’ve found that I don’t like the marinara/meat sauce as much anymore. The sauce has started to lean towards being a little bitter for my tastes, but the pesto is delicious. I might opt for only pesto on a future visit. The cheese ravioli are filled nicely and are tender. The mushroom ravioli is my absolute favorite though – the mushroom is flavorful and creamy inside of the giant pockets of ravioli (it’s those circular looking ones).

half order mushroom ravioli with meatball

On a different visit I sprung for just a half order of mushroom ravioli (which is $4. FOUR! shut up already). This time I got it with the garlic herb butter which is super yummy – especially if you like garlic and herbs. I could probably even stand for a little MORE garlic since I love the stuff but I understand maybe not everyone wants to have garlicky breath going back to work. Me? I don’t care about these things. MORE GARLIC, PLEASE. kthxbye.

meatball closeup

I also realized that I had never tried their meatballs before and instead of just going all in and getting a meatball sandwich, I figured I should try it first. Good thing I did because… sorry, but I didn’t really dig it. The marinara sauce seemed very acidic that day and it didn’t really help the meatball out all at. The meatball was a little too smooth and didn’t have a lot going on for it – no herbs, or other seasonings, really. It was smooth, soft and lacked texture so I probably won’t order that again. Oh well.

The ravioli was excellent though – with a half order you get maybe 5-6 mushroom ravioli’s but they’re HUGE and it fills me up even if it’s a half order.

Next time I’d love to try one of their specials on the board, or a salad! It’ll be hard to resist the allure of the ravioli though.

mamma lina's business sign

Mamma Lina’s is a great little spot for a cheap, affordable delicious lunch. You can also get bags of frozen ravioli to take home with you so you can eat the deliciousness at home, too.

Mamma Lina’s accepts credit cards and they are open from 11AM-2PM, Monday through Friday.

Mamma Lina’s
6491 Weathers Place
San Diego, California 92121
(858) 535-0620

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10 thoughts on “mamma lina’s / mira mesa – san diego, ca

  1. I remember we were supposed to go here last year and they were closed (boo) so we went to that sandwich place instead! Great lunch specials man! Six and four bucks? You can’t beat that! I want some ravioli now!

    1. Hi CC – Yeah! I think it must have been the holidays when we tried to go. We should go here again and have lunch (for real)! It’s so cheap and so good 🙂

    1. Hi Jinxi! It’s just a little place tucked away on a side street in Mira Mesa. They’ve been doing a lot to expand and more it more accessible and nicer for patrons. Plus the food is good and the prices are so cheap – I love it! Hope you get to visit sometime 🙂

  2. Hmm no frisee, no arugula, I think you have the same salad taste as the bf and my sister! Arugula, frisee, kale, all the more bitter greens are no deal. Have you ever had endives?? I think you would hate them, they are soooo bitter. I like bitter greens but even I cannot eat endive at all.

    I looove mushroom ravioli, especially with pesto, and for $4 thats such a good deal!

    1. Hi J.S. – Funny, I actually like kale and endives! Haha! I guess frisee and arugula are just not my type of bitter greens 🙂 I also like the endive and arugula when it’s mixed in with other greens, I just don’t like their flavor alone. Frisee though – no deal! The half portion is a perfect size, I always have leftovers when I get the full size.

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