breakfast burritos with tortillas de harina el trigal tortilleria

This tortilleria is where we were trying to go over the weekend which ran us into the panaderia with those delicious caramel empanadas… YUM.


We got out of the car and stood in front of the tortilleria for a bit. The “OPEN” sign was on but it was clearly the opposite of open…  the sign in the window stated they closed at 2PM on Saturdays and there was a vague sign in Spanish pointing next door.


Well, I’m sure if I knew Spanish this sign wouldn’t have been so vague, but as it was I only noticed the arrow and only sort of read the sign. Which is why we wandered into the panaderia. We inquired in there about tortillas and the guy working there sort of said they sold them next door. I went back to look at the sign AGAIN and thought it said “Flower Shop”. Honestly, all of those years of taking Spanish and I forgot ALL of it. Geez.

So we walked over here:


Dear god, that is a LOT of pinatas. And there are seriously WAY more than this. This is merely an inkling of the pinata craziness that lies inside. I wandered in through a doorway not really sure if I was entering Naria for Pinatas or what since it was dark and I could barely see as I wandered in. I saw a ton of Mexican sweets to my right and a butt load more pinatas hanging from every nook and cranny inside. It was a bit disorienting.

Probably sensing my confusion and general displacement, a woman sitting in a chair asked me if she could help me. And I said, warily, “Do you sell tortillas here?” unsure if I was asking a crazy request in what was clearly a pinata nirvana.

“Yes! How many do you want?” I inquired how many came in one bag after noticing a cardboard box on the floor full of bags of tortillas.

“20 in a package for $3.50.”

“Just one, please”. I forked over some cash and got my tortillas and backed away from the dark corner and back out into the light. I made it out of Pinata Land with my bag of tortillas clutched in my hands and we headed home.


They may not look like much, but these were actually really good tortillas. I can only imagine what they’d be like still warm… we’ll have to make another pilgrimage to the tortilleria for that experience though.


In the meantime, I made myself a breakfast burrito to try out these fresh tortillas. 

Since I’ve been in a “eww, eggs” rut lately, I decide to reheat some carne asada Jake cooked on the grill and sliced it thinly. After warming it in a pan, I cracked and egg directly into the carne asada and scrambled/cooked the eggs right into my meat.


 I topped that off with some shredded cheese, some fresh cherry tomatoes, a little cilantro and a few teaspoons of crema. The tortilla I toasted lightly right on the open flame of the gas grill to char it just a little bit and heat it up. Simple, tasty and delicious way to start the day. The tortillas are tender and good and far superior to anything sitting on the shelves for weeks at a time at the big chain supermarket. Do yourself a favor and get a bag of these – or a bag from any local tortilleria in San Diego. You’ll wonder how you could have ever bought that stuff they sell at the grocery store and be happier for it.

Tortillas de Harina el Trigal
3715 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92105
Cash Only

Monday-Friday: 7AM-6PM
Saturday: 7AM-2PM
Closed Sundays

No website, but there’s that Yelp page thing.

4 thoughts on “breakfast burritos with tortillas de harina el trigal tortilleria

  1. Hahahah! Flower Shop!! My Spanish has gone to poop too. We must look for ways to practice nuestro espanol.

    Have you tried the uncooked flour tortillas? They sell them at Costco and I think I’ve seen them at other markets as well. They taste AMAZING. I think you and Jake would love those uncooked flour ones. You just place them on a pan for few minutes and it seriously tastes better than fresh bread (well, when I don’t crave bread that is).

    1. Hi Faye – Haha, I know my Spanish is pretty bad. Not that it was ever really any good in the first place… I always make Jake order when we go to Mexican places in the ‘hood. Heh. I haven’t tried the uncooked tortillas – I’ve seen them at various places (I don’t have a Costco membership, I have to piggy back on someone else to go). I kind of want to try making my own tortillas sometime!

  2. Hi Mary!

    Your burrito looks so tasty and bright! I like making my own burritos too, super easy to add some veggies (I’ve used kale recently). I’m a bit less picky about the tortillas though (I use the $1 romero tortillas from fresh & easy). Of course when I go out, those tortillas better be freaking good! I enjoyed the ones from old town’s Barra Barra Saloon and Casa de Reyes (wrote about them last year). Fillings are important too though! =)

    1. Hi Lynn – Thank you! Oh, I bet Kale would be really tasty in a burrito – there’s something you never see in a burrito! That’s an excellent idea!

      I also like the tortillas they make at El Comal in North Park (they’re a bit thicker). I haven’t been to either of those places in Old Town – I know a few places in Old Town make a big deal about the ladies making the tortillas right there.

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