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It’s been quite awhile since I last posted about Callahan’s… like, five years actually! The place looks the same once you step inside but now they have a fancier looking menu – one sheet instead of the book they used to have, but with many of the same offerings as before. I visited here last Friday with my friend Laura. We needed a little grub before we could sit down to watch some Downton Abbey! Since I only watch it with Laura, I’m now four episodes behind since I hear the season finale was this week. No spoilers, people.


Callahan’s has a lot of basic American food with a little bit of English/Irish pub grub, like fish and chips, corned beef & cabbage, Irish stew and shepherd’s pie.

I almost got the fish and chips but I doubted I could eat a whole plate on my own and ended up getting a burger.


 [classic cheeseburger / $9.59 + bacon ($1 more)]

I wasn’t in the mood for anything really fancy. They serve monstrous 1/2 lb burgers here. This sucker took up HALF of my plate, dear god. The fries here have changed from what they had in the past. Before they were thicker cut, like potato wedges with the skin still on. These are still a little on the thicker side but not as it used to be. They have a crispy coating on the outside that I really like that gives them a little extra crunch.


Hello you massive burger.


I ordered it medium since I figured most places give you medium even if you ask for medium rare, but Laura’s burger ended up being a nice medium rare so I’d order it that way next time. This still had a nice bit of pink and was juicy and flavorful. The cheese could have been melted a little bit more but it was still a good burger. The patty didn’t soak too much into the bun so it kept it’s integrity. 


[guacamole pepper jack burger – $10.99]

Laura got the Guacamole Pepper Jack burger, you can see the guacamole peeking out of the side here. Funny thing, they didn’t put any lettuce, tomato or onion on her burger so she asked for it on the side. The menu does actually list it that way – no other toppings – so if you want it so you have to ask for it. 


Laura got sweet potato fries for an additional .99 cents. I thought they were okay – I’m not usually really into sweet potato fries, I mostly just like my sweet potatoes baked! They had a nice flavor though with a little sprinkle of salt.


[grasshopper pie – $6.59]

One of the things I’ve always loved at Callahan’s are the desserts… it kind of looks like we just got a bowl of whipped cream and chocolate sauce, doesn’t it?


We took off a few layers of whipped cream to reveal the inside – this HIGH grasshopper pie that’s filled with minty ice cream and paired with a chocolate cookie crust. It’s like eating thin mints to me with that minty good flavor and all of that chocolate. This is probably one of just a handful of instances were I like something mint flavored. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the cookie crust, which I always really like. We honestly could have had another person (or two) with us to help us since this thing was ginormous. We made a good effort and powered through a lot of it and it was so worth it.

The other thing I really love here is the blueberry beer. I didn’t partake this time, but I usually do. It’s a nice crisp, light beer that has the aftertaste of blueberries, which I love. It’s one of the only places I know that has it, so if you’re into that check it out!

Callahan’s continues to be a local Mira Mesa hangout serving up yummy food and providing a fun hangout for the neighborhood.

Callahan’s Pub & Brewery
8111 Mira Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 578-7892

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8 thoughts on “revisit to callahan’s / mira mesa – san diego, ca

  1. I consider Mira Mesa like a 2nd home and I see this restaurant ALL the time. But I’ve never been. Not sure why. I thought they’d have just bad pub food or something. I like how you speak of the bun’s integrity. Makes me think the buns have some sort of ethics now 😉

    The dessert looks INSANE!!! I want!!! I would have eaten all the beautiful whipped cream you two put off to the side. The whipped cream looks like it came from a can though?

    1. Hi Faye – They have crazy happy hour here, too – but it gets crowded. Wednesday is “wing night” but I don’t remember how much the wings cost. I think it might have been canned whipped cream but uh, it was kind of tasty that night. We didn’t put it off to the side, we put it into our bellies! They also have a mud pie with coffee ice cream, but I prefer the grasshopper pie myself!

  2. OMG Dennis and I haven’t been here in YEARS either! When we first started dating, I remember he’d meet his buddies there for wing night once in a while. I am not a beer person but I also happen to like the blueberry beer from here.

    I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon (we usually end up at Souplantation instead) but it’s good to see a recent review about the place from a foodie I trust!

    1. Hi Lynn – Jake and I went to wing night once and he ate a suicide wing… and then immediately stopped because it was so hot! The food isn’t out of this world or anything, but it’s a decent meal – good for an evening of comfort food!

  3. Omg you cannot see any of the pie underneath all that whipped cream in the first picture! And i concur about cookie crusts, my boyfriend hates ice cream but he will still eat Jake’s Hula Pie with macadamia ice cream + oreo cookie crust because cookie crusts are just that gosh darn good…

  4. Blueberry beer actually sounds pretty good to me! Love the look of those thick cut/skin on fries (or potato wedges). I’ve never heard of this place, but I’m sure that my husband would really like it…will put this on the Garmin for a future visit!

    1. Hi CC – The blueberry beer is pretty good! I don’t drink a lot of beer so it’s one of the beers I do actually like. It’s a nice little place! Definitely a community hangout.

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