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When we were leaving the Civil War Reenactment, we passed right by the Donuttery. It was on my list of places to visit and I think I sort of moaned out at Jake that we just passed a donut place I wanted to go to. You see, I had gotten heat sickness while at the Civil War thing. It came on so suddenly while we were standing and listening to some tales of the blockade runners in the South and all of a sudden I felt sick to my stomach and extremely hot. We had to trudge back through the park to get to the car and Jake turned the A/C on high for me as I sat with my head against the window, hoping it would pass. Apparently even heat sickness cannot keep me from donuts, especially the prospect of Carrot Cake donuts!


They had so many lovely flavors that I wanted to try, including some red velvets, but in the end we stuck with the above mixed box of donuts.


[carrot cake donuts]

These are all the carrot cake donuts they have – as you can see, you get a little bit of choice in the matter! You can get a glazed, one with a vanilla glaze (and many, many sprinkles) and one with cream cheese frosting to top off the supreme carrot cake donut experience.


[carrot cake donuts – inside]

I must say that these truly had the carrot cake essence about them since you could see bits of real carrot within the donut. It did taste very much like carrot cake (but without any nasty raisins getting in the way) but with a crispy edge. I preferred the sprinkled one the most for the bit of vanilla glaze. Or maybe I just really, really love sprinkles. Or maybe a bit of both. Actually I thought all versions of it was lovely. Jake and T both seemed to like the cream cheese frosting one the best, as that was the most true to a real carrot cake. It was on the slightly sweet side, but very good. I would totally make a return trip just to get these babies again.


[lemon cruller]

They had multiple flavors of my favorite donut, the cruller. This is a lemon dipped cruller, which was excellent. The lemon was tart and a very true lemon flavor and I liked it quite a bit.


[maple bacon bar]

This is the maple bacon bar with some strips of bacon on top. A very good version of a maple bacon donut, if you ask me. It stood up quite well since we didn’t eat it until the next afternoon and it managed to stay pretty fresh. I liked that the bacon was in strips, that way you can just see if for it is and make no mistake about it. It’s also not too much bacon – just the right amount. I thought this was perfect for sharing.


[strawberry donut]

The last donut I picked up was a strawberry frosted donut. This was the most artificial tasting of the bunch, since the rest tasted like it had more natural ingredients in it. The strawberry flavor is infused in the donut though and not just on top which had just a simple vanilla glaze. I liked it, but Jake thought it was a bit too fake for him. I’m not sure if I’d get it again though, simply because they had so many other flavors available. I didn’t note the prices when we went (I was feeling too awful), but it was all reasonable priced, probably $1-$2 per donut (the “fancier” ones cost a little more, but not much).


The Donuttery also offers vegan donuts, though I didn’t try any of them. They also had Cronuts but I was really just in the mood for regular donuts and my heart was really just set on trying the carrot cake ones – and happily I was not disappointed in the least! Definitely worth the trip!

The Donuttery
17420 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 847-7000

Mon-Sat 12 am – 12 am
Sun 12 am – 3 pm

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