the start of fall, maple donuts and blueberry buttermilk bars

I’m too lazy and too tired to do a “real” post for today. Work has been crazy busy and when I get home now, I pretty must just want to veg out and *not* be in front of a computer. Instead, I bring you a small glimpse of fall:


In the way of donuts, anyway. The sprinkles on this donut reminds me of autumn with the mostly bits of reds and orange. I wish we had more color changes in the trees and leaves here in San Diego. It’s the one time I really start to miss Boston and the changing of the leaves. The city was always at it’s most colorful during the fall. I remember peering out of my suitemate’s window (they lived on the Storrow Drive side of our suite) and watching people on the Charles River. For some reason, the leaves on Cambridge’s side seemed to always change before ours. Curious!


I contend myself with the little spots of color I see here and there planted among the palm trees. These donuts keep me company anyway. These are maple cake donuts from Donut Stop in Mira Mesa. Blissfully simple and delicious.


I also spotted these Blueberry Buttermilk Bars one day and of course had to try one. Simple in flavor to their blueberry donuts, though maybe a bit denser. It’s kind of like eating a fried blueberry muffin. It got to be a little too sweet to eat after awhile and I prefer the original buttermilk bar instead. But it’s always fun to try new things, no?

I’m excited for the start of fall, for all things pumpkin, for the cooling weather, wearing my sweaters again, pumpkin carving and the month of birthdays. Goodbye summer, you were a sweet thing. We’ll see you next year.

Donut Stop
9330 Mira Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 271-8751

Hours: 4AM-10PM

7 thoughts on “the start of fall, maple donuts and blueberry buttermilk bars

  1. I can’t wait for the cold weather too!! Your donut pics made me smile b/c they really do remind me of the Fall season. Boston must be amazing during the Fall.

    Hurry up and get chilly San Diego!!

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