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The best thing about read food blogs and having blogger friends is finding out about neat places that you would otherwise never ever know about, or would probably never try out. I had seen a post on CC’s blog Pink Candles at Ridgemont High about MJ’s Yogurt Time and Deli. Specifically, I saw this magical thing called “longanisa fries” I knew it was something I had to try! She was nice enough to send me some coupons as well – how nice is that?!

Jake and I visited here with his youngest son in tow, right before we dropped it back off at his mom’s house. I recognized a few other places that I’ve seen on CC’s blog as well as the second location for Homestyle Hawaiian (which I still need to get over and try as well).


Here’s the menu. What you do is you pick your “style” first from the first column. Tacos? Burritos? Sliders? Salad? Fries? Whatever your little heart desires, they can do it, man. After you’ve selected a “style”, you move to the next column and pick your “fusion flavor”. There’s a little bit of everything here so you’re sure to find something delicious sounding! They even have breakfast!


[longanisa house fries – filipino style pork sausage with cream sauce, cheese, sesame seeds, asian cabbage slaw and green onions with fries]

Here it is, the Longanisa House Fries! I opted to get this without fried eggs as I’ve been in a non-egg mood lately (Does anyone else ever get in or out of the mood for foods? I used to not ever be “in the mood” for tomatoes but that changed in the last year or so).

I wasn’t really sure about the Asian slaw either, but I went with it, trying to eat it as they intended. Luckily, the Asian slaw is nothing like coleslaw – there’s no mayo on it and instead just has a nice sweetly flavored sauce on it. Jake thought there still could/should have been less slaw on it and more of the sweet longanisa sausage, but hey, he’s a meat kind of guy.

The longanisa is perfectly cooked with a slight sweetness and slight spiciness to it. All of the cheese and sauces on the fries made this whole this pretty damn tasty. It’s a fun twist! Definitely something I’ve never seen anywhere else – like an Asian twist on carne asada fries.


Our coupon specified we get one free item with the house fries, but since there were three of us we got a larger order of the Sliders and they just discounted it off our bill for us. Sweet.

Jake thought these would be like little sliders, you know, like at American places. I read it was on pan de sal bread so I already knew these would bigger. Four of these suckers barely fits in a take out container!


[slider with barbecue herb chicken]

The BBQ Herb Chicken again has that same Asian slaw they use on everything, but with spicy peanut sauce also added into the mix. This has a good mix of flavors from the grilled chicken paired with the slaw and spicy peanut sauce. The peanut sauce wasn’t really all that spicy and it was only hinted at with the other mixture of flavors going on here. We got two flavors for the sliders and of the two, I preferred this one.


[sweet soy & sesame beef slider]

Hey… doesn’t this look just like the other one?! Yeah, it does, but instead there’s BEEF! It’s what’s for dinner, yo.

Jake & son preferred this one over the chicken. The beef was definitely more sweeter than the chicken and I bet that’s why they liked it. I thought it was almost *too* sweet, but maybe that’s just me.


We weren’t going to get anything else here… until I got curious and looked at the flavors and spotted “Avocado Dream” yogurt. Whaaaaat.


Instead of paying by the ounce for the yogurt here, you pay by the cup size. Jake got us a mini but I still didn’t go super crazy. The Avocado Dream is on the right. I think the other flavor is cookies and cream, but I can’t remember for some reason. Ugh.

Anyway, I added some various amounts of nuts, mochi bits, sprinkles and those nonpareil chocolate things. The avocado yogurt had a very nice, light flavor to it. It didn’t really taste super “avocadoy” to me, if that makes any sense. It just tastes like sweet creamy goodness with a light hint of avocado and I ended up liking it a lot. 

Thanks, CC, for the super awesome recommendation and the coupons!

MJ’s Yogurt Time & Deli
1550 E H St., Ste J
(between Otay Lakes Rd & Auburn Ave)
Chula Vista, CA 91913
(619) 600-3560

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10 thoughts on “mj’s yogurt time & deli / chula vista, ca

    1. The guys working there are really chill and cool! One guy (I think maybe the owner) was explaining a lot of things to us, telling us about all the popular items they had. Very cool atmosphere!

      1. As you already know, I had the sliders there today for lunch. Your post made me crave it I tell you!!!! I had one egg on one of them – cooked over hard since I hate runny eggs.

  1. I totally hear ya about the ‘in or out of mood’ for certain things – it’s funny b/c I went thru an egg-spell for some time, then got super sick of it, then just recently got back into it. Go figure.

    But the sliders looked really good – especially the buns for some reason. So soft and pillow-y.

    I’ve never tried avo ice cream before and it still freaks me out thinking about it – so perhaps I’ll have to muster up the courage soon to do so!

    1. Yes! Sometimes I want certain things all the time then I get sick of them. Eggs are currently on my “bleah” list, the last few times I had them they were overcooked or just gross or something. Pan del sal is quite tasty, I grew up eating those buns so it was funny to me to see them used for slider buns! Sweet avocado things still kind of freak me out, too, but the yogurt was actually really good and makes me want to try other avocado sweets!

  2. Mary-

    First off, I want to say I love your blog.

    I am orginally from San Diego and look forward to visiting whenever I can. Infact, I am so excited about my trip this weekend, that I was searching for a picture of Longaniza Fries to send to my friends- which is how I magically landed on your page. I am soooooo glad I did.

    I have always wanted to try new places and always get stuck going to the same ol’ places I know will satisfy my taste buds. However, you and your blog have inspired me to try all the places that I have on “the list”.

    I have added your blog to my favorites list and look forward to future posts!

    1. Thank you, Roxanne! It like having a little adventure in your life to try all those little places you’ve been wanting to try forever! Sometimes it’s hit or miss – but the hits make it totally worth the ride! Hope you have fun adventuring and trying out new places! 🙂

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