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Is this another donut post? Why, yes. Yes, it is. Because it’s almost the weekend and I don’t feel like doing another loooooong post. Instead, on this fine, fine Friday in August – I give you donuts. The day before I go and have to wake up early to do the Color Run on Saturday. Yes! I am doing the Color Run! But I am not going to actually run, mind you. My friend Stacey and I plan on walking the route because we don’t actually like running. But we plan on walking the crap out of that 5K and getting very, very colorful in the process.

And now… onto the DONUTS.


Or at least the inside of Miss Donuts, which is much less bright than the outside (you’ll see at the end). Why do donut places have those sad, sad posters advertising donuts (you’re already INSIDE the donut shop, do you really need posters for donuts in there). I’m pretty sure those posters went up on the day this place opened (or maybe a remnant from a previous donut shop) and have never been taken down since.  This is just a feeling I have.


Pretty standard fare for donuts. Twists, raised, cream puffs, crossiants, old fashions.


Lots of things filled with cream and jelly and stuff.


They do take credit cards, but only on their terms, man. We only got a half dozen.


These were the donuts that caught my eye since they’re different! They’ve got almost a jester-collar thing going on with the frosting on top. They’re also split in half and filled with whipped cream. This one has chocolate and vanilla glaze.


While this one has strawberry and vanilla. We also got a maple bar that was split down the middle and filled with cream. It looked prettier than this, but the paper on top ruined the prettiness.

Overall I just thought these donuts were okay. They weren’t super fresh and I wasn’t too keen on the artificial strawberry flavoring. The whipped cream is really nice though and adds a little bit of an “extreme factor” to the donuts. Fried goodness paired with whipped cream goodness!


Naturally, I had to get these. But again… they tasted old and stale. The strawberry ones looks like it was in some kind of frying related accident which left it horribly deformed and extra skinny. It was again my least favorite due to the fake strawberry flavor in the frosting, but the other two were tolerable.


Donuts are still donuts, man, but these were on the stale, sad side. Maybe some other items here are the true shining stars. Maybe we visited at bad time in the middle of a slow afternoon. Who knows! All I know is that if you were looking for this place, you could not miss this bright, bright yellow building on Broadway in Downtown Lemon Grove. BRIGHT.

On the upshot though, this place is also open 24 hours for all of your late night donut needs.

Miss Donuts
7863 Broadway
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
(619) 465-1246

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6 thoughts on “miss donuts / lemon grove, ca

  1. Aw, too bad they were stale. They look so pretty. Good luck with the color run! I hate running too. walking sounds much more fun though maybe not for 5k. heh

    1. Yeah… maybe we were just there at a bad time. The Yelp reviews seemed to be high, but… you never what’s up with Yelpers sometimes.

      Also, thank you! Walking is much more my style. I hope to not die. heh.

  2. wow, that strawberry cruller was pretty misshapen! too bad the donuts there sucked. the “jester” iced one looked kind of neat though.

    have fun at the Color Run tomorrow!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. I haven’t visited this place but I love it already! Too bad about the cruellers. I’m beginning to think that they should specify when they were made to avoid stale ones.

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