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Before it got stupid hot and was just on the warm side, my co-workers and I went to E & Drink to get some hot pot. Individual sized mini hot pots, which now that I’ve had it, I don’t really think it was that “mini”. Then again, I also can never finish one bowl of Pho, so maybe I’m biased in my thinking.

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If you check out the menu pages, you’ll see that they list the same price for lunch and dinner. The only difference is that for lunch, you get a free hot or cold tea with your meal. Dinner, you gotta order your own drink. No freebies!


This is the auto complimentary sauces things. Those cucumbers looked awful pickly to me, so I didn’t try them.


Lauren was the only one of us to order hot tea, and she got it in this awesome mustache mug!


I opted for the iced green tea for my beverage. It came in this awesome glass mug. It was also way, way too sweet. It was like the sweet tea version of green tea. I could barely drink it but I did because hot pot is HOT. In case you couldn’t figure that out.


Matt’s hot pot. I, for the life of me, can’t remember which hot pot this is! Golly.


[Lamb Hot Pot – $10.99]

Lauren ordered the lamb hot pot. I seriously debated between the lamb and the beef. Next time, my friend.


[Spicy Beef Hot Pot – the mild version – $10.99]

David and I got the same thing – the only difference is that I asked for mine mild and he got it medium.


[Spicy Beef Hot Pot – the medium version – $10.99]

The difference? Well, damn. His is like seriously red. A bit devilish, you could say. Since it was already a “spicy” hot pot, getting it upped to medium may have been too much. David regretted ordering it at medium, saying that it was super spicy.

Mine was fine though – just a good amount of spice and enough for me to handle.

The hot pot had potatoes, cabbage, enoki mushrooms, tofu, tomatoes, cilantro, beef slices, beef balls and another cut of beef that I wasn’t sure the name of. There are also vermicelli noodles at the bottom!

I really loved the overall flavor of the broth and the mix of ingredients in the hot pot. I found that after awhile I had to take items out and let them cool down since the hot pot was kept hot and boiling.


[hot pot side view]

Each little mini dish was over a flame, keeping it super steamy hot. I can only imagine how awesome this is in the WINTER. But for us on this visit at the beginning of SUMMER, it actually got to be too much. Lauren asked the waiter to put the flame out and I got mine put out as well. It was much easier to eat without all boiling and steaming up in my face. It allowed everything to cool down a little so it was easier to eat.


[side of rice. can also get vermicelli noodles instead!]

You get a side of rice or noodles and I opted for the rice. I ate the rice with bits of the beef. The noodles would good too for soaking up any additional broth, if you’re into that.

Overall I really enjoyed the mini hot pots! I haven’t had “regular hot pot” before so I can’t compare it that experience, but I thought this was fun. It was a lot of food, too, and I could probably easily share this with someone else since it’s so much soupy goodness.

Where should I go for a “regular hot pot” experience? I hear you have to basically “DIY” it. This seemed like a much easier foray into hot potting for a first timer!

E & Drink
(inside 99 Ranch Market)
7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 560-9888

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8 thoughts on “e & drink / kearny mesa – san diego, ca

  1. Little Sheep has a great hot pot! I would definitely recommend doing lunch though and getting their combo special. Otherwise, it gets a little pricey ordering each individual ingredient.

    1. Oh, thanks Kirbie! I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time but just never managed to. Thanks for the tip about lunch and the combo – it did seem pretty pricey to me but I’m willing to pay for things that are delicious!

  2. Matt’s mini hot pot looks like it’s the curry one; it’s very good. I always ask of sweet has ben added to the teas and usually end up with hot. [Little Sheep’s lunch special means you get the same add ins for each hot pot you order, with the only difference being the meat. Sometimes we just order a few add-ins (oyster mushrooms, a vegetable or two, frozen tofu and noodle…and a half order of one of the meats) and pay the $3.75 each for broths (you can get all 3 flavors; no extra charge) and the bottom line price is the same (~$22)]. Nice photos!

    1. Thanks for the tips, Cathy! I thought Matt’s was curry something but I couldn’t figure it out from the menu descriptions.

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