[recipe] homemade smoked pork taquitos

Let’s say you made a smoked pork butt. What on earth do you do with the leftovers? You could make pork sandwiches until you’re blue in the face, but what fun is that? You know what you should do? You should make taquitos. Homemade taquitos with smoked pork! Whaaaaat. No, really, I promise. It’s totally easy. 



And also totally delicious. Let’s get this thing started!




Get your leftover porky bits. Eat a few of the bits. Cut up into smaller pieces if you haven’t already shredded it.



Get some freshly made corn tortillas. There are so many places around town to get fresh corn tortillas! Do yourself a favor and get some of those! 

Line up your pork and roll it together. Do a little dance in your kitchen because you know this is going to be good.



To make them stay rolled up, secure the soon-to-be-crispy-taquitos with toothpicks. I did two toothpicks at an angle. One toothpick didn’t seem to hold the ends securely enough.



Time to deep fry these suckers! 



Alternatively you could bake these… but why on earth would you want to do that?! We’re not going for healthy here. We’re going for SUPER TASTY. It’s not like you’re gonna eat these every day for a week. Right? Right. 



After a few minutes of gloriful frying, you get some lovely, golden brown, crispy crunchy deliciousness. I topped mine with shredded Tillamook cheddar cheese, a bit of sour cream and cilantro. 



The smoked pork inside is remade again and something delightfully new for you to munch on. So, so good! 

I hope that this is something you’ll try with your leftover bbq’d meats this summer! What do you like to do with leftover meats? 

2 thoughts on “[recipe] homemade smoked pork taquitos

  1. Dude – what kinda fancy chef are you – that fryer is awesome! Normal folks like me have to use a wok (hahaha) to fry these taquitos in!

    It’s funny b/c i hate corn tortillas but LOVE them when they’re deep fried. Weird.

    Your taquitos look awesome though – I’d probably add some guac and salsa (on the side) on mine too. And thank you for adding cilantro – me likes!

    1. It’s just a little fryer, too. It’s cute and fairly compact. hehe

      Cold corn tortillas are kind of gross, but if they’re heated or crispy then I like em a lot. If I have an avocado on hand you better believe it would have been all over that thing! But I didn’t have one the day I made this. Oh wells, still tasty. Cilantro = yuuuuuum!

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