sushi cupcakes

Quick post! To share cupcakes.

My supervisor, David, had a birthday the same week that Jake and I celebrated our anniversary. So I just made extra cupcakes that week so I could make these sushi cupcakes for David’s birthday!


The bottom cupcake is the same as the Stormtrooper cupcakes – vanilla bean with vanilla frosting.


The “sushi” is made with mini cupcakes from the same batter. They are wrapped with a slice of grape fruit roll-up for the “seaweed”. The “rice” is shredded coconut and the little bit of papaya serves as the “fish”.


I think the best part is that I showed a photo of these cupcakes to Jake and he cringed and said, “I wouldn’t eat that.” I thought he was making a joke until later when he told me he really thought they were sushi. Hah!


I think the plastic container also kind of makes it look like take-out sushi. I had chopsticks included, but they’re just not in the photo!

Woo, cupcakes!

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