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Over Labor Day weekend this year, Jake, the kids and I headed up to Huntington Beach for the Civil War Reenactment that weekend. I got really interested in Civil War history after taking a few history classes in college at Boston University – I started liking history so much that it was my concentration (I was a little too lazy to actually minor in it though).

For the past two years, Jake and I have gone up to Calico for their Civil War weekend over President’s Day. I want to go to another one a little closer to home and this one was the winner.

Before we headed over to the camps though, we needed a little something to fill our bellies. We made a quick pit stop not too far from the Huntington Beach library to check out Kelly’s Donuts and Burgers.

[kind of empty looking donut case]

I started getting a little worried when we walked in and this was their donut selection.

All of the donuts mixed together just on a few trays. Say what? This was a donut shop wasn’t it?

[partial menu at kelly’s donuts and burgers]

Yes, it is definitely a donut shop but they also have other offerings for breakfast and lunch – including deli sandwiches and of course, burgers.

I put my skepticism aside as best I could after seeing the sad donut case. The kids and I each got a donut and Jake and I shared a breakfast burrito.

[polish sausage, egg, hash browns and cheese breakfast burrito – $3.75]

The burritos normally come with salsa, but I asked for it without since I don’t really like salsa inside of my food all that much.

[burrito closeup]

This was a fairly simple burrito. The polish sausage gave the burrito a good overall taste and the eggs were done well (maybe slightly overcooked but still solid). The hash browns were nice and crisp, too. I didn’t really taste a whole lot of cheese in it, so that could have been improved a little. Jake got a cup of salsa on the side and liked it better with some salsa. All in all it was a pretty decent breakfast burrito. Jake liked it a lot more than I did. The price sure is right though.


The kids were luckily able to easily pick out donuts for themselves, S. choosing the jelly donut and A. picking the chocolate and peanut cake donut. Jake skipped out on donuts while I got a blueberry donut.

[munched on blueberry donut]

Blueberry cake donuts are really one thing that I sorely miss from Dunkin’ Donuts. I got used to them being easily accessible to me when I lived in Boston – they’re practically on every other corner out there. But here? No Dunkin’ Donuts in sight, unless you can somehow get on base at Camp Pendleton to acquire some. And if you can, can we be friends?

These blueberry cake donuts from Kelly’s though are pretty close to the ones offered at Dunkin’ Donuts. The last time I had one of these babies though is when I had some DD on a visit to Las Vegas about two years ago. My memory might be a little fuzzy, but I sure did enjoy this donut. It had a light glaze on the outside, a nice crisp and good blueberry flavor.

Can I get a blueberry donut anywhere in San Diego? I’ll have to do some research.

[vanilla glazed cruller]

I also snagged one of these vanilla glazed crullers for my belly. Crullers are my other favorite donut. I love their light, airy texture with the sweet glaze on top. These crullers though were just okay. They tasted a little old and slightly stale and were not as airy and light as I like them to be.

My  favorite place for crullers is Mary’s Donuts in Santee – which for some reason I’ve never blogged about, despite having been there many times for my cruller fix.

An interesting start to the weekend… I’d still like to know if their burgers are any good. And if I need a blueberry donut and happen to be in Huntington Beach, I know a place to go.

Kelly’s Donuts and Burgers
7391 Warner Ave, Ste E
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 596-7888

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2 thoughts on “kelly’s donuts and burgers / huntington beach – orange county, ca

  1. Blueberry donuts? Where have you been all my life? That looks so gooood!

    You’re right about Dunkin Donuts being everywhere in Boston. It’s like Tim Horton’s in Canada (the Eastern side, at least). I remember seeing Dunkin Donuts in the underground T stations!

    i have to try Mary’s donuts too. Maybe if Bert and I do Sab e Lee, we can hit it up since it’s on the same street! I believe in efficiency, heh heh.

    1. I may just have a new quest on my hands – finding a good blueberry donut in San Diego! I’ll have to read around, but I think I read that they have them at Rose Donuts in Linda Vista… we’ll see. Boston/MA is HUGE on the Dunkin’ Donuts. Yes, they have them at the T stations, in the airport, on practically ever other corner in the city… that city really does run on Dunkin’. Hah! You definitely should try Mary’s – very fresh and delicious – and open 24 hours for your donut fix! I still need to go to Sab E Lee, geez.

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