pubcakes featured on travelin local

Pubcakes: the perfect way to consume beer in my opinion – bake it into cupcakes!

Read my full article about these luscious cupcakes over at Travelin Local.


2 thoughts on “pubcakes featured on travelin local

  1. Very nice! You finally used your Groupon, eh?

    My fave is the Stoned Portzilla- love the coconut topping with chocolate! She retired the Irish Carbomb and replaced it with the PB Pretzel (which was pretty good).

    This is an ingenius way to have beer! 🙂

  2. Hi CC – Yes, luckily she allowed me to use the groupon even after it expired since I called in beforehand and picked a day to come in. We got them on St. Patrick’s Day and that tiny place was packed! They had the Irish Carbomb just for St. Patty’s Day, too, but we didn’t get any (I’ve had it before). The Stoned Portzilla is my new favorite!

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