adventures in weekend eating: bbq brisket, creamed corn and other tidbits

I get my love of cooking from my dad. My dad is a great cook and he’s taught me so many little things over the years that has led to me being a pretty decent cook. I can’t remember him being in the kitchen all that often, but he’s told me about all of the things he used to bake when I was a little kid. There’s one distinct memory I do have, of helping him to make this dessert called a “Fudge Pie”. I remember mixing the ingredients in an old pie tin. The recipe was in this old, battered up paperback recipe book with a missing cover. I haven’t seen this cookbook in years so I can only assume it was lost somewhere along the way. I wish we still had it. I’d really like to try making that Fudge Pie again.

I understand that my love of cooking and baking totally comes from my dad. But one thing my dad does that I don’t is BBQ. I can make some pretty tasty BBQ Chicken and make a mean rub for some ribs, but I leave the grilling to my dad. This weekend we were supposed to have Jake’s kids over but plans fell through – after my dad had purchased a 12lb. brisket for the weekend. No matter. Jake and T still came over and helped us polish off a good bit of the brisket.

This lovely cut of meat was slow roasted in the BBQ for 9 hours. It actually tasted better the next day, just slightly heated up for a quick sandwich with some pan de sal. Really good flavor and very tender – good job, Dad!

I was in charge of the side dishes.

I really, really wanted to make creamed corn. So I did.

I made the creamed corn with frozen white corn. I can’t wait to make this during the summer when there’s fresh corn available. I put a pinch of cayenne into this and it gave it a good bit of kick to the dish. I pretty much just halved this recipe from, minus the cheese and I added the cayenne, of course. Good stuff. So much better than canned creamed corn.

I also made some mashed potatoes. Dad cooked the potatoes before hand, so I just had to mash and flavor them.

Also: deviled eggs. They’re good! Especially with a little sprinkle of smoked paprika on top. These are so simple – just the egg yolks, a dab of mayo and mustard, salt and pepper, and viola!

Dad’s one side dish were these baked beans that he made in a cast iron pan on the grill. I don’t really like baked beans, but my dad (and Jake) love them.

It was a great day for BBQ this weekend – beautiful warm weather and sunny skies. Good company and good food. I can’t wait for more BBQ weekends! The next thing I’m wrangling my dad to do? Homemade bacon. Oh, it’s going to happen. And it’s going to be so good!

5 thoughts on “adventures in weekend eating: bbq brisket, creamed corn and other tidbits

  1. Everything looks good and I always love a dish of creamed corn on the side for a bit a creamy sweetness. It seems like a majority of women I speak to don’t like beans period.

    1. Hey Darlene! That is funny, come to think of it… I don’t know a lot of women that like beans, either! Baked beans sweet and they seem like they should be something that I enjoy, but I just don’t. Never have. The creamed corn was a much preferred “sweet” item for me.

  2. I love baked beans too! Maybe it’s a guy thing? The only time we’d have it was during holiday season (when we’d have “american food”).

  3. I love baked beans and pinto beans in my chili. Other than that, I can’t think of other bean dishes that I like. All the food looks so good and that’s one mean looking brisket!

  4. Hi Dennis – I’m gonna go with “guy thing” then 🙂

    Hi Carol – Beans are not so bad in chili. They are also sometimes okay in soup. But that’s about it!

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