Lastest article at Travelin Eats – Tobey’s 19th Hole

I have a feeling this place will appear on my blog in the future after a few more visits. It’s just that good! But for now, check out my article on Tobey’s 19th Hole over at Travelin’ Local. Homestyle eats on a golf course!

Update: Sorry, the Travelin Local site shut down! Someday I’ll do another Tobey’s post…

Update #2: I resurrected the old post that I wrote. You can find it here:

6 thoughts on “Lastest article at Travelin Eats – Tobey’s 19th Hole

  1. What a deal! Jake’s bbq sandwich with the tater tots? Yes, we like that very much indeed.

    Prices here are much more manageable than the restaurant at Pebble Beach’s 18th hole! It’s at least $20 for breakfast over there! Wut? Wut? Thank goodness my godparents paid! Ha ha.

  2. Hi Dennis – I think Tobey’s is my new favorite place! I wish I could eat more chicken fried steak, hahah

    Hi Carol – Thank you! Those pancakes were very, very fluffy. So yummy!

    Hi CC – Whoa, that’s crazy. The only other golf course restaurant I’ve eaten at is the one on Coronado – not too much more expensive than Tobey’s. $20 for one breakfast sounds insane!

    1. Hi Faye –
      Yeah, that site got shut down awhile ago. Looks like some other blog is in it’s place so I removed the link.

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