little big planet birthday cake

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For her 12th birthday, Jake’s daughter, A., asked for a Little Big Planet themed cake.

I immediately panicked a little. What on earth would I make for this? I’ve never played the game and I know very little about it. I looked at some other Little Big Planet cakes online and saw what others did, and did my best.

Also, I used fondant for the first time.

It was pretty weird.

Also: fondant doesn’t taste very good. Luckily, I didn’t need a ton of fondant for this Little Big Planet cake.

[Cake blob]

This is how it looked after the crumb coat. To me it looked like I was trying to build a volcano for science class. Luckily, extra frosting fixes all things.

[One side, minus the doll]

The cake is a yellow cake with banana buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream on the outside. I got paranoid about carving the cake, so it’s not really quite as round as I would have liked. But I thought it was fine.

[Cake from the top]

Those green blobs are, um, “freehand/rustic” continents. The yellow is terrain, I guess. I’m not sure what I was thinking, just that I wanted some of the continents to have some “oomph”.

[Look, I made a little “island”, too! It was supposed to be England, but uh, yeah. Wrong placement. Maybe it’s New Zealand now…]

The white bits are white jimmies that I pressed into the fondant so it would look like they were stitched onto the planet.

I gave the oceans a wavy makeover so it would look more like fabric.

[With Sackboy, er Sackgirl doll – I forget the actual name of this character – Sky, I think?]

Jake got the doll to put onto the cake. We thought it would be better to buy something since it would also serve as a take home toy for A. to keep.

[Final shot]

I think it turned out pretty cute.

The birthday girl loved it, so it was a success!

I told her, “You must be confident in my baking skills to request something like this.” She just smiled and agreed.

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    1. The birthday girl also requested the banana filling. I was afraid it might turn brown, but I put a bunch of lemon juice on it and it didn’t turn color (yaaay)!

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