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It’s birthday time again! Jake’s youngest son, S., is the latest in a lineup of birthdays and he asked for a Gears of War cake this year. This one through me for a loop. See the screenshot:

For those that don’t know, Gears of War is a video game series for the Xbox. Lots of shooting stuff. Jake and I tried to find some Gears of War figures to put as cake toppers, but we didn’t find very much. I improvised and decided to use the logo for the cake. Originally I was going to cut it so it looked like a gear before deciding that well, I didn’t feel like doing that. I found a site that had a Gears of War logo template for pumpkin carving, so I printed that out and used it as my stencil for the logo.

I used Color Mist Food Color Spray to “paint” the stencil on and to paint the cake red with splotches of black. The black never turns out black enough for me. It always looks more purple. After a first try, it wasn’t look good to me so I used some red gel to fill in the lines. I wish I had black to make it a bit more bold, but I was running out of time and had to do the best I could!

I could still see my faults, but Jake and the kids all thought it was awesome, so that’s what matters!

Here’s the cake from the side so you can see the little sugar skulls on the side. I bought those at my favorite cake supply store, Do It With Icing!, and used the Color Mist to make them red.

The cake was a marble cake with a white chocolate buttercream frosting on the outside and inside the cake. The inside also had a layer of sea salt caramel from Trader Joe’s. It was pretty darn tasty.

Happy birthday to S.! I think he had a pretty good day with his Gears of War cake and his Gears of War 3 present.

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  1. what a lucky kid to get such a cool custom designed cake! happy bday to s!

    i only recently heard of ‘gears of war’ about a week ago (wut? yes, i live in a cave/we don’t own any video games systems). i was channel surfing and there was a manchannel on (spike or g4 or something)and they were hyping up the release of ‘gears of war 3’. one of the guys who voices/does one of the characters was in mexico city for the release party and man, people were all into this. it was really intense seeing how much guys AND chicks got into the game.

  2. S. also got Gears of War 3 as his present, so it was a bit of a themed day. He was very excited! They even had t-shirt sales to determine whether or not one of the characters would die at the end of the game; whichever shirt sold more was the result. Jake loves the game and he wishes I was into it! The graphics make me feel a little ill though, so I don’t play this one.

  3. What a lucky kid! The cake looks like someone has bled all over it, which I bet goes really well with the Gears of War theme. I’m assuming it’s bloody and violent, just like all teenage boys love? Great idea using the sea salt caramel inside the cake!

    1. Hi Alyssa! Yes, it’s a bloody and violent game so the red was on purpose. I want to put sea salt caramel into everything now. Thanks!

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