tasty things in life: calamari

I don’t remember at what point in my life I started to eat calamari. I know there was a time where I wouldn’t eat it. My experience had only been tough, chewy, overcooked calamari and I thought it was all the same – flavorless and unappetizing. Some bright, beautiful and shining day I had it again and was hooked, knowing that cooked correctly it could delicious, crunchy and appetizing once again.

The calamari at Volare Italian Restaurant is very good. They use the whole squid (tentacles and all!) in a light batter and warm marinara sauce. It’s simple. Not overcooked. Fried just enough to be perfectly crisp. Not a trace of chewiness – just hot, delicious calamari – all for $6.50 a plate! Not the fanciest (or priciest) in town, but if you’ve got a craving for calamari, this will fix it!

There are plenty of places serving up this classic appetizer but I love it here at Volare because it’s delicious, fresh, and affordable. YUM.

If you eat calamari, are you into eating the tentacles or does it give you the heebie-jeebies?

7 thoughts on “tasty things in life: calamari

  1. I love the tentacles! But only if they’re small. If they’re too big and chewy, it takes too long to eat them and I get kind of icked out.

  2. My family loves calamari, tentacles and all. We always order it when we see it on a menu at any new restaurant. I don’t think we’ve ever been to Volare, but that is a good price – it’s usually closer to $10 at most places.

  3. Hi Leanne – I agree with you, if the tentacles are really big they can get kind of gross. It seems like most places I have been to don’t even serve the tentacles, though! I wonder what they do with them?

    Hi Sandy – Yes, Volare’s calamari is quite cheap! It was $5.50 for a long, long time and just this year they raised the price to $6.50. It’s a great deal!

  4. hi mary – tentacles are awesome! you know that’s some hard core calamari when they include the tentacles! i love it in squid adobo.

    volare is one of those restaurants that have been there forever. i see it all the time whenever we’re in point loma and have always waned to eat there. one of these days! now that i know that their calamari kicks @$$, it’s time for a visit!

  5. There is some serious tentacle love going on here! Volare is awesome. It is truly a hole-in-the-wall, but the food is good and really affordable! Hope you make it in for a visit, CC!

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