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Oh yes. Day 6!

Alyssa & J gave me the option of picking where I wanted to go for dinner. They suggested 3 different options and I chose Casa Bianca Pizza Pie which is not too far from their house. Alyssa called ahead for seating and they told us the wait would be 40 minutes. Imagine our surprise when we got there and were told it would be another 30 minutes until we could be seated. Unhappy.

We finally got a table and placed an order to share a few dishes between us. And then we waited. And waited. And waited some more. I have no idea why it would take that long to make some Italian dishes. I munched on a piece of bread to quiet my stomach until the food arrived. And sometime, a long time later, we finally got to eat.

We got the sausage and mushroom pizza to share.

I did like the pieces of sausage (they were meaty and flavorful with a good amount of herbs) but I wasn’t as into the crust. The crust was a bit chewy to me and the crust end was a bit tough to chew. I just thought it was an okay pizza. I liked the other dishes more myself. I got teased a little for not really liking the pizza by J. Oh well, my taste buds think what they think!

I picked this dish, the Linguine with White Clam Sauce. They have red sauce and garlic & olive oil also available but the white sauce is what I’m used to and what I enjoy the most. No exception here. The sauce was creamy and had a good amount of clams sprinkled throughout the whole dish. I also loved the fresh herbs (basil and parsley from what I could tell) infused in the dish. It was creamy, a little salty from the clams and really yummy.

J said this is one thing they usually order to-go and it’s the Pasta Al’Forno – a baked pasta filled with gooey cheese and meat and different shaped pastas. I really liked the sauce on here and the mix of meat and cheeses was just right. I also got a kick out of the many different shaped noodles in the dish – it gave it a fun look and texture with the variety of noodles.

The morale of the story here is: the food is good, just be sure to order it to go, otherwise you will spend an immense amount of time waiting to eat (especially on a Saturday night).

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie
1650 Colorado Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 256-9617

Cash Only

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2 thoughts on “casa bianca pizza pie / eagle rock | los angeles, ca

  1. hi mary,
    i’m loving all of your new posts! we’re in la for tonite then head back down tomorrow. it’s been nice beeing out for 1 week but i can’t wait to get home either! we’re too tired to go out to dinner so we are ordering in some pizza to our room…i’ll probably blog that too, ha ha.

    eagle rock – only been there once, for oinkster.

    1. Hi CC – It’s funny how traveling is so tiring, even if you’re on a road trip! Oinkster is pretty good, I went there on a previous LA trip!

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