bake sale recap

The bake sale was great fun today! Not only that, but we raised $1750 for the Share Our Strength charity today – wow! It was great to meet other bloggers (who knew there was so many in San Diego) and to buy a bunch of wonderful homemade treats to enjoy throughout the weekend. Here’s a few photos I snapped at the event today!

Just a few of the cupcakes from some of the bloggers.

Panned out look of the table before it got really, really full. My treats are in the white box! I left mid-sale and by that time my lemon bars were gone but there were still cookies left.

These were all from the gluten-free area – there were also some vegan items and 1 sugar free item. I almost made a sugar free item! Ah well, I’ll still have to experiment with that one.

These photos are just a small sampling of all of the stuff that was there! This event was loaded with so many delicious treats!

I think this doggie’s face just about says it all.


10 thoughts on “bake sale recap

  1. hi mary –
    well, all your lemon bars were gone, but i was able to get one of your cookies with the chocolate drizzle! 🙂 i spent about $21 in sweets!all for a good cause though!

    1. Oh good, you did get one of those! I think I misunderstood your post 🙂 Yeah, I spent a lot, too – but it was worth it!

  2. ditto for me, missed the lemon bars but i came home with one of your cookies and PLENTY of other sweets. thanks for posting about it 🙂

  3. Hee hee… I snagged one of your lemon bars before they were sold out. I saw there were only a few left, so I grabbed one before they were gone. Same with Darlene fluffer nutter brownies. There were so many tasty treats on the tables!!

  4. Great getting to say hello and SO glad I could snag one of those lemon bars (which I only gave a tiny piece of to my husband). Totally delicious!

    1. It’s fun to meet other bloggers! I’m planning on making more lemon bars this week since I only had a tiny bit of them myself! Hope to see you at the next SD blogger event!

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