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Update: This restaurant is now closed.

Annie Belle’s “Famous” Wings & Greens is a local restaurant serving up Southern soul food and is just a hop away from another Southern restaurant, Bonnie Jean’s Soul Food. We’ve passed Annie Belle’s tons of times on our way to the freeway from Jake’s apartment and I had been wondering just exactly what kind of restaurant it was for months, without ever bothering to check it out. Jake and I were on our way to eat out at L&L BBQ one evening when I commented about Annie Belle’s as we drove by. He suggested we stop and check it out once and for all and that’s when we discovered it was a Southern restaurant. I always thought it was some kind of college bar that served hot wings. Hah!

Annie Belle’s has a big variety of fried chicken – chicken strips, chicken gizzards, “party” wings, “granny” wings (which is the whole wing) as well as pieces of chicken (legs, thighs, breasts) – they seem to have it every which way!  All of the types of chicken are also available cooked in a variety of ways: Fried, Grilled, Smothered (in country gravy), BBQ, Buffalo or Sticky (honey glazed).

Jake and I ordered a small batch of party wings – 6 piece party wings ($6.25) that came with cornbread, fries, celery and carrots. Well, anyway, it says it comes with celery and carrots on the menu but we never got them and I didn’t remember until we were already stuffed. We got the wings “sticky” which means they were honey glazed. Sweet honey + chicken = awesome in my book. Very well cooked with a lovely crunch and plenty of honey glaze on the chicken.

We also got fries with brown gravy on them but the photo turned out blurry. Jake has some kind of love affair with fries and gravy that I don’t quite understand. I didn’t eat many of the fries since I’m not totally into the gravy and fries thing, but he liked it well enough. After eating this and then getting our meals, I really wished for some celery and carrots and really, really wished I had ordered a salad of some kind (there was one hiding in the Sides menu!).

Jake and I got the same thing for dinner – Chicken & Waffles ($8.99). The waffles comes with 3 “granny” wings – these things were HUGE. We had no idea how big they would be, otherwise we probably would not have ordered the party wings. We had a ton of leftover chicken, let me tell you.

The waffles are themselves were pretty tasty with a light cinnamon-y-spicy flavor hint in the background. The waffles are soft, not really crunchy. I always expect waffles to be crunchy, but maybe that’s because I’m used to only eating toaster waffles? I poured a little syrup onto my chicken and happily ate it with waffle pieces, as was meant to be. I hadn’t had chicken & waffles since I visited Alyssa in LA many, many moons ago. I thought they were pretty darn good enough though later that night my tummy let me know I really should not have eaten that many fried things. Oh well, lesson learned: eat a salad first, or at least some other veggies!

In addition to tons of chicken options, Annie Belle’s also offers seafood items such as red snapper, catfish, tilapia, shrimp and salmon (available grilled, corn meal fried or beer battered fried), many side dishes including coleslaw, potato salad, collard greens, mac n cheese, black eyes peas and hush puppies as well as a full breakfast menu (from 8AM to 1PM). They also have a kid’s menu and for the truly adventurous, they offer a midnight buffet every Friday from midnight until 4AM. Crazy.

If you’re looking for some good southern soul food, then check out Annie Belle’s for another twist on Southern style food here in San Diego! Just don’t forget your greens like I did.

Annie Belle’s “Famous” Wings & Greens
1746 Euclid Ave.
San Diego, CA 92105
(619) 262-1239

Sunday-Thurs: 8AM – 1AM
Friday: 8AM-4AM
Saturday: 8AM-2AM

Annie Belle's

12 thoughts on “annie belle’s “famous” wings & greens | rolando / san diego, ca

  1. I’m always on the search for good southern food down here. And, waffles should always be crunchy, at least when you get them. Then they can get soft. Soft waffles make me suspicious… like they’ve been sitting too long before they got to me.

  2. hi leanne – i liked the flavor of the waffles… i just thought they should be crunchier! crunchy is my favorite food texture. at least my chicken was crunchy!

  3. OMFG – I AM SO THERE!!!!!!!!!! I want those chicken wings and waffles!!!

    i’m so happy i saw this post. yesterday, our router died and wasn’t able to fix the computer until this morning. so yesterday i was like in withdrawal not being able to go online and read my emails, blogs, etc. so yay!!!! it’s fixed and i saw a new place bert and i could go to! thanks!

  4. CC – hahah, yeah, being off the internet tends to give withdrawals… i know how you feel! jake doesn’t have a wireless router so i always feel “out of the loop” when i’m with him on the weekends. hope you enjoy your visit when you go!

    kirk – yes, i’m glad we finally discovered what it was instead of forever thinking it was some kind of college bar! just need to remember to eat veggies with my meal. 🙂

  5. Oh I wish you would have gotten the greens!! I love your blog, but am a HUGE veggie lover so need to see more veggies please!!!

      1. YAY!! Thank you Mary. I recently discovered your blog and am reading it every night to catch up! One of these days I am going to come to San Diego and feast!

        1. That’s so nice to hear! You’ve got a long ways to go to catch up, haha. 🙂 But yes, this place did close a few years ago, as CC said below.

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