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Super Cocina is a very unassuming place. It doesn’t look like much. It’s easy to pass by. It’s got a teeny tiny parking lot. Even walking inside makes you wonder if you’ve made the right decision in stopping here. But you have. Oh yes, you have.

You walk up to the counter and stand in line, looking at the trays of steaming food, wondering what everything is. There are no labels or signs indicating what anything is. You recognize a thing or two and wonder you will possibly order.

Then it’s your turn; you’re greeted with small samples of food in tiny plastic cups, all sorts of bubbly hot stews and meats and you try each one, determining just what you like and figuring out what you want to eat that day.

I tried a green pork mole, a goat stew, and a chicken stew. I totally loved the green mole – I didn’t know mole came in green! – and I wanted the carnitas. I hadn’t tried the carnitas and was presented with a little plastic cupful before he would even accept my order. He gave me one plain and one with traditional mole; I went with the plain.

Jake ended up getting the green mole as well – along with a red, spicy pork mole that he really enjoyed the flavor of.

We both got combination plates, rice and beans rounding out our plates, along with some fresh tortillas.

Both of my pork dishes were so tender. The carnitas had a really wonderful tender and juicy flavor – some of the best carnitas Jake and I have ever had. It’s a joyful of porky goodness – almost like a pulled pork but with that distinct carnitas flavor – bits of pork fat and crunchy little bits here and there – but also really moist and tender. The green mole looks kind of weird on my plate – a bright green mess of pork – but the sauce was so good and made for some really succulent meat.

Jake’s plate looks a lot like mine, except for that red stewed pork.

We both really enjoyed the food. I used my tortillas to make little plain tacos. We really could have shared just one plate of food since we had so many leftovers when we were done. The food here is really fresh and homemade. Jake and I really enjoyed that we were able to sample a little of everything before placing our order. There’s no need to worry about what you’ll eat – just sample a little bit of everything until you find a dish that speaks to you and begs to be eaten.

Super Cocina
3627 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 584-6244

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8 thoughts on “super cocina / city heights | san diego, ca

  1. I have never been to Super Cocina, but now I think we’ll have to make a visit one of these days. Do they get busy and crowded? That green mole looks amazing…

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  3. We went on a Saturday afternoon and the parking lot was almost totally full. There was a line the whole time we were there but it wasn’t too bad or too long of a wait. I believe they also rotate their menu a lot so they have different dishes.

  4. hi cc – Jake & I really liked it – it seems like a place you’d pass by tons and tons of times without ever noticing it, but it’s really good! Hope you get to try it!

  5. Great write up on a great little joint. Your description is excellent. Very unassuming- the first time you walk in you kind of wonder if you are in the right place. Its a local treasure, urban neighborhood but if you are from a metro area you know what to do.
    Its worth seeking out, its an experience worth pursuing.

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