The Pearl Hotel / Point Loma – San Diego, CA

Last year around Thanksgiving, I won a gift certificate to The Pearl Hotel’s restaurant for answering a question about what I was thankful for on Twitter. I finally got around to using the darn thing last week! Stacey joined me for dinner out by the pool where they showed some reruns of “Get Smart” before showing a surfing movie for the evening. It was a perfect night to spend outdoors for dinner and the outdoor heat lamps made it nice and cozy enough for us. Low lighting though made for difficult photo taking.

To start off, we got some Bread & Butter – $4 – this has a fancier name on the menu, but it is basically bread and butter. The bread is a crusty baguette, served warm with room temperature butter on the side. Crispy, crunchy, warm and delicious.

If you visit the Pearl on a Tuesday and order the burger, you get a free pint of beer included with your dinner. These are our beers. Stacey put the candle behind them so I could made the beer look like a pretty, pretty sunset.

We both got the Burger & Fries – $15. My photos of the burgers and fries did not come out so well… but the burger sure tasted really good. It was super juicy, not overcooked or undercooked and came with some good fixings. It looked almost like they gave us a salad to put on our burger. The bun was nice as well and I believe it came with some house made ketchup since it didn’t taste like the bottled stuff to me. The fries were also really good – had some skin-on still and a nice crisp taste.

We ended up staying for the whole movie even though we didn’t really watch it – we just sat and hung out while the movie played and talked for awhile. After the movie ended, they did a raffle and gave away some prizes. Stacey ended up winning a t-shirt and a sweatshirt! Total score for a random raffle that we weren’t even aware of.

Also: the sink in the Pearl’s bathroom has got to be the coolest sink I’ve ever seen. It’s like a little tidepool in the bathroom!

I love the look, feel and entire atmosphere of this place – it’s hip, kinda retro with a touch of modern splashed in and a really nice place to relax and get some good local grub.

The have various specials listed on their website and even currently have a coupon for buy 1 get 1 free. Be sure to check it out!

The Pearl Hotel
1410 Rosecrans Street (at Fenelon)
San Diego, CA 92106
Phone: 1-877-PEARL-SD

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2 thoughts on “The Pearl Hotel / Point Loma – San Diego, CA

  1. Mmm… The Pearl has a lot of tasty dishes. If they have a pork belly appetizer, it’s usually fabulous. We’ve gone to their Bistro Monday, too. It’s only their Bistro menu (3 courses for $30) but you have the option of ordering dishes separately or as a prix fixe menu.

  2. Hi Leanne – Yes, we really enjoyed it and I also liked the atmosphere and just hanging out there. I’d like to go on a Wednesday sometime to check out a movie.

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