Islands Restaurant Has Addicitive French Fries

I’ve always liked Islands Restaurant. Jake doesn’t like it and neither do my parents. I think they’re crazy. I still go here from time to time even though I think it’s way overpriced. Maybe I’m just a sucker.

One sort of new-ish thing they have now are these little Sliders. These are actually on the appetizer menu and come with 4 mini burgers plus some onion strings (they call them Island Reds for some reason). These are very simply dressed burgers – a little too simple. I got a side of ranch for some fries and I ended up putting the ranch on the sliders – I just felt it needed something. Mayo or any kind of sauce, please! Besides the sauceless-slightly dry complaint, these are good little suckers. Still think they’re overpriced though (I believe they’re in the $8 range).

Don’t let that itty bitty drop of ketchup fool you. Needs more sauce.

One thing I have always loved at Islands are the skin-on french fries. Really wish (have always wished) you get just get a half-size order and isn’t endless. I don’t need endless fries, I swear! I was irked when after many moons of not visiting I found that all of their prices had been raised but that “endless fries” were added to all of the burgers, making them even pricier. I personally think it would have been better make the burgers a little cheaper and maybe say, for another $1 or $1.50 you can have endless fries. Maybe they think someone will cheat and just have their significant other order all of the fries and they’ll be hurting for the cash. Pfft.

Despite all of that, I still go back. I blame the french fries. They must put an addictive chemical in it that makes you crave it nightly.

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  1. I was surprised, in a bad way, when seeing the price increase. We used to just get burgers and share an order of fries with everybody. After that, unless a kid insists, I wouldn’t go back.

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