Mira Mesa Farmer’s Market – Corn, Cakes & More / San Diego, CA

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I hadn’t been back to visit the Mira Mesa Farmer’s Market in a long time and last Tuesday I decided it was high time to make it back over there and check things out. I used to go to Farmer’s Markets on a weekly basis with Maya in tow. We had a little routine of visiting the Scripps Ranch Market on Saturday mornings before headed out to the Poway Dog Park.

Of course Maya doesn’t really get along with other dogs too well. She thinks that the dogs that are smaller than her are her own personal, moving chew toys and this doesn’t make other dog owners very happy with you and your dog. So we gave it up.

I tried to bring our little tradition back out in a small way by bringing Maya with me to the market, to walk around and sample some treats with her in tow, but alas, there was a big sign that said “NO DOGS ALLOWED”. Sigh.

I rolled the windows down and like a good citizen, heeded their signs and left Maya in the car. She was not happy with this turn of events.

Wandering around I noticed a big flock of Filipinos at one of the farmer’s booth – upon closer inspection, I noticed there were hand picking through a big display of peanuts. I think they might have been boiled peanuts, but I didn’t really get close enough to find out for sure (they were really flocking around it). I moved on.

I noticed a cake place and the woman at the booth engaged me to sample their mini bundt cakes, which I did. I tried a Butter Rum Cake and a Chocolate Cake … and the Rum Cake was so good that I bought some (2 for $5) on the spot.

Dolce Monachelli’s is based in Santa Ana, CA and they visit various farmer’s markets selling their delicious cakes. I didn’t care very much for the chocolate she had me taste, but I ended up getting one Butter Rum cake and one Peanut Butter Chocolate cake.

I never did get to try the chocolate one. My dad ate it. Sigh. I ate the Butter Rum cake the next day and it was still very fresh, moist, and really, really tasty.

I also had some steamed corn from a place that was selling fresh fruit (…. and corn). The guy had a cooler filled with hot corn on the cob and you could get butter, mayonaise, hot sauce, and/or cojita cheese on your corn. I opted for just butter and cheese.

Brushing the corn with butter.

Getting a dusting of cheese.

The results! I think corn’s just about out of season so this wasn’t as sweet as some of the corn on the cob I’ve had this summer, but it was still good with the toppings on it.

They also had a booth selling Filipino food and I wanted to get some BBQ, but I would have had to wait 20 minutes for it… so I passed. Maybe next time. I also tried some other thing that wasn’t very impressive and got some kettle corn, which is always tasty. I love farmer’s markets!

Mira Mesa Farmer’s Market
Tuesdays, 3PM – 7PM
@Mira Mesa High School

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