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I was trying to decide what dinner would go well with Fishing With John, when I remembered seeing a pizza place near Big Lots called Buccaneer Pizza. Even though neither has anything to do with pizza, I thought the fishing-pirate connection was a good basis for a dinner decision. I looked them up on Google maps and was pleased to see they had an informative web site with a detailed online menu full of piratey words.


The restaurant is very new and tidy-looking inside, but rather small and probably not someplace I’d stay to eat unless I got too hungry to walk home before dinner.

I got 6-piece jumbo chicken wings ($6.95) and a 10″ Tortuga pizza ($14.45). For the whopping $23.06 out the door, I was hoping for some real magic to happen. And the magic presented itself as soon as I opened the box.


This is the hugest 10″ pizza I have ever had in my life. The Tortuga comes with spinach, garlic, bacon, and mozzarella, ricotta, Romano, and Parmesan cheeses. I’m not normally a big fan of ricotta, but with all of the bacon and the other cheeses, it cut the saltiness very well. There was also some other seasoning I couldn’t put my finger on, that I thought I wouldn’t normally like but that tasted excellent among the cheeses. Basically, this was a monstrous and delicious meal for what I expected to be a small pizza. It more or less justified the price.

The wings were also pretty big, with a sauce that had lots of vinegar and was not too spicy. Not amazing, but pretty good, filling, and similar in flavor to what you might get at TGI Friday’s. Given the choice between ranch and bleu cheese dressing, I chose the latter, which had huge cheese chunks in it — nothing short of awesome. Sadly, I only got three small celery sticks so I couldn’t fully enjoy all of the dressing.

The Buccaneer menu also has a ton of different salads and sides that sound lovely (e.g., the sausage roll made with pizza dough and Romano cheese), and they sell lots of things in both family and party portions. This is a perfect neighborhood pizza place, so long as you like to gorge yourself. A lot.

Buccaneer Pizza
2757 N. Grand Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 639-9610

3 thoughts on “buccaneer pizza / santa ana – orange county, ca

  1. I agree, great pizza. They put more toppings on their pizza than anyone I have seen and they don’t taste like they skimped on the quality either. My friend and I bought a couple of their sandwiches the other day just for a change up. They were excellent. I grow weary of buying sandwiches with cheap tasting meat so Buccaneers are a refreshing change.

  2. this place looks delicious. i’ve never had blue cheese dressing w/ the cheese in it before….if i’m ever in the area, i will def. have to try this place out

  3. I’ve been going there since their name was First Class Pizza and NO ONE does a better pizza. The porker has TONS of meat on it. The Great White is awesome. The Quartermaster sandwich is to die for. I love this place and I’m so glad I live and work close enough for delivery!

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