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I went to Devine Pastasbilities last night with my former co-workers for a little get-together to bitch about how much our former employer sucked. Yes!

I spotted Devine Pastasbilities on Yelp and saw tons of good reviews before I checked out their website. Their signature dish is a “Torpasta”, which is basically a toasted garlic roll that’s been hollowed out and stuffed with pasta… a stuffed pasta sandwich! It sounded like a great idea, so we had to try it out.

One of my friends got the 6″ Spaghetti Marinara Torpasta ($4.99) which looked awesome (and she enjoyed very much).

I had the 6″ Creamy Pesto with Sundried Tomatoes Torpasta ($5.99).

The 6″ pesto torpasta was outstanding. The pasta was very flavorful (the pesto tasted fresh) and wrapped around the bread is a brilliant idea. I wasn’t sure how to eat this though, I was afraid the filling would all fall out so I kind of ate it in a circle, taking bites from one side and then turning it to work on the other side. The pasta stayed in place though and wasn’t as hard to eat as I thought it would be. Our waiter offered us knives and forks in case we wanted to attack it that way, but I was content to try and eat it with my hands (success!).

We also tried a few other things on the menu. For an appetizer we shared the Garlic Parmesan Fries ($3.79). I love these fries. They were super garlicky and were done right. Definitely a great thing to get if you’re super hungry (like we were) and to share with friends while you ponder the fate of your previous employer (will they go bankrupt? – Let’s wait and see!).

I also tried a small Caesar Salad ($1.79) which was tasty but pretty much like Caesar Salad that you can get anywhere else. You can also get their salad wrapped in the garlic bread roll (they call them “Torsalads”) which is again, another very interesting concept and a little more closer to a “regular” sandwich if you can’t get behind the whole pasta sandwich thing (but you should).

I also have to comment that the service here was excellent. Our waiter was super friendly and nice. We were hanging out here for 2+ hours and after we were all stuffed full of food and had our doggy bags to take home, we continued to sit and chat (which happens a lot with friends). Our waiter came by and gave us a dessert to share – ice cream with warm chocolate chip cookies!! – because we had been hanging around for so long. What? Hello? How sweet was that? This place gets tons of stars and points in my imaginary book for being awesome.

Also, this dessert was so good! Ice cream with warm chocolate chip cookies?! It doesn’t get more delicious than that.

Devine Pastabilities
3545 Midway Dr., Suite E (between Kemper St. and Fordham St.)
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 523-5441

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