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Mr. Furious and I tried to go to our favorite, favorite L.A. County sushi restaurant (Senfuku) yesterday. Because of the recent three-day weekend, it was closed and we had to find a sushi alternative to satisfy the Great Sushi Hunger. Mr. Furious has heard that Tashiro Sushi is also an excellent sushi location, so we went there instead.


After our warm hand cloths arrived, we were served these little crab and cucumber salads. Mr. Furious, who does not like mayonnaise, did not enjoy the mayonnaise-like smelt roe sauce, so I got to eat two salads. I found them to be a perfect appetite-whetting snack. We also ordered some miso soup, which had a very dark broth and a slightly different flavor that I couldn’t put my finger on, but I liked it a lot.

We both ordered our usual onslaught of sushi, which for me usually consists of more basic and simple sushi, as opposed to a bunch of rolls with eight kinds of fish and random things protruding from them. For everything we ordered, the presentation was excellent.


A couple of things we ordered were not as fresh as I would have liked (the yellowtail and the albacore), but other pieces were absolutely lovely (the salmon, tuna, and octopus). The prices were slightly higher than I would usually expect, with nearly all of the nigiri portions costing $4.00.


I like when sushi places serve some orange pieces after your meal, and this place served both orange and some watermelon wedges.

I don’t normally use a letter rating system, but I will today and give this place a “B.” It’s beautiful sushi with good service and plenty of little extras. I would only have wanted some of the fish to taste a bit fresher.

Tashiro Sushi
29050 S. Western Avenue
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
(310) 547-4597

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