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KSandwiches is a Vietnamese sandwich place over in Linda Vista that serves up Banh Mi sandwiches as well as the regular American type sandwiches. I’ve had a Banh Mi sandwich at a place here in Mira Mesa and I just thought it was okay. I don’t know a whole lot about the history of this sandwich or what ingredients it has, but that’s what Google is for my friends.

I just had a regular American type sandwich – the turkey, roast beef and cheese sandwich. The best part about coming here is the bread. The sandwiches are on long baguettes and the bread is freshly made. I assume its made on the premises as they are a bakery as well. They have filled croissants (I saw blueberry cream cheese, strawberry, chocolate…) and baguettes in their bakery section. They also have a variety of Vietnamese foods, such as spring rolls, egg rolls and more (I don’t know the names of the other items, but a lot of the items they sell are listed on their website). They also serve Vietnamese desserts, Vietnamese appetizers, smoothies, “Crazy Slushy” and French coffee.


Anyway, back to my tasty sandwich! The bread – delicious. It’s a little crisp and slightly chewy and you can tell that it’s fresh. Since it was a regular American type, I didn’t get cilantro or carrots put in my sandwich. But they do put jalapeños peppers and pickles on, which I took right off my sandwich (you can see the little pile in my photo). It’s a pretty good sized sandwich too – comparable to a foot long from Subway, but with better bread. And the price is just right – my sandwich was about $3.50. The Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches are a little cheaper, in the $2-$3 range, and get a variety of vegetables (ie: carrots and things). I also got an iced cafe for about $3. It was very strong at first, much stronger than I’m used to. It was a little tough for me to drink at first, but by the time I got to the end of the drink it was a little more watered down from the ice and was more tolerable for me to drink. I’m not used to very strong coffee flavors like this one so I would probably opt out on the coffee next time and maybe try one of their other crazy looking drinks.


All in all it’s a nice little place. Fast, polite service and good food to boot. I’m sure they get tons of business from the local junior college and nearby hospital. Conclusion: it’s cheap and tasty, two things which go very well together.

7604 Linda Vista Rd.
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 278-8961

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