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The Filling Station Cafe in the city of Orange, one block north of the circle, has a cute, garden atmosphere in the outside patio, and a retro diner feel on the inside. Because they close at 3 p.m. though, I only opt to eat inside when it’s unpleasant outside or when I’m too hungry to wait for anything. I’ve been there about five times, only for breakfast.

filling station french toast

My rule of thumb at this place is this: don’t order anything that doesn’t include a baked good. I’ve had their scrambled egg croissant with fruit (which at the time of this post was in the photo for this blog’s banner), which was delicious in large part because the croissant was large and buttery and delicious. Mary had the cranberry orange french toast (above) that was also mainly delicious because the bread was so delicious.

I’ve also had a vegetable omelet and a breakfast burrito here, and while they tasted good, the presentation was horrible. For instance, the breakfast burrito was looking lonesome on one side of the plate. It came with a little cup of salsa next to one end of the burrito, and the rest of the plate was empty, except for the salsa that had spilled out of the cup and made a mess. I even ordered a side of fruit to help them out, but they put it on a separate plate.

As far as baked goods go, I’ve read that people order their amazing holiday pies months in advance. While I haven’t had their pie, I did see apple pies in the bakery case that looked nothing short of amazing.

So, pies aside, I’m more likely to go to the Filling Station Cafe because it’s so conveniently close to my house, and not so much because I’m craving an awesome breakfast.

The Filling Station Cafe
201 N. Glassell St.
Orange, CA 92866
(714) 289-9714

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  1. Comments right on. Really like their bakery goods. Presentation always poor. Many breakfast items are good. I think their cleanliness could be improved.

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