eating in la: curry house / little tokyo – downtown los angeles, ca

For dinner on my one and only night in Los Angeles on this trip, I was given a few different options. I chose to go to the Curry House since they had a big variety of items and a Curry-Spaghetti Japanese place sounded really interesting to me. I was sad to find out later that there used to be a location in San Diego off Convoy that has since closed. Sad I never knew about it!

Curry House has ten locations in Southern California serving up their take on Japanese curry and other Japanese items.

I stared my meal off with a simple salad.

Well, sort of simple anyway. I don’t think I’ve seen kidney beans in a salad before… or green beans for that matter. In any case, it was lovely and flavorful and the dressing was very nice.

[Teppan Hamburger with Teriyaki Sauce]

After looking over the long and somewhat confusing menu, I decided to get one of the Teppan Hamburger steaks. It comes to you sizzling hot on a cast iron plate surrounded in a sea of teriyaki sauce, onions and veggies (which are on the other side of those gigantic onion rings).

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eating in la: broome street general store / silver lake – los angeles, ca

Our post-felting class excursion led up over to Silver Lake to Broome Street General Store. We passed right by it without even seeing it since the sign out front was angled weird – you could pretty much only see it if you were heading down the street in a particular direction. Very odd.

Broome Street is named for a street in Manhattan where the owner once lived. It’s filled with various vintage kitchen items and sundries and various artisan goods (such as pickles, sauces, spices and other items).

I bought some smoked sea salt from Wales. It sounded really interesting. I have yet to actually try it though.

Alyssa and I browsed through the whole shop before heading over to the front counter to look at the ready to eat goodies they had for sale.

There were various tarts, yogurt and granola and brownies on this side.

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eating in la: the village bakery & cafe / atwater village – los angeles, ca

Time for another road trip! This time to hang out with my cohort, Alyssa.

I drove up on a Saturday morning to her house just outside of Downtown LA. I always go up Saturday morning because Friday afternoon traffic makes me very, very sad. There was a slight drizzle when I left and I encountered no traffic on my way up. I got to her house just under 2 hours. That’s the way to go!

After I got there, we got ready to head out for the day and went out for breakfast. We were taking a felting class in the early afternoon and gave ourselves enough time for breakfast and a little window shopping before our class started.

Our first stop of the day was to The Village Bakery and Cafe in Atwater Village.

This is what we looked at while we stood in line to order, trying to decide what we wanted to eat for breakfast. This case contained cupcakes, tarts, and various brownies.

We’ve only scratched the surface! There were also all kinds of muffins, cinnamon rolls, mini pies…

Cookies and cakes…

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