eating in la: curry house / little tokyo – downtown los angeles, ca

For dinner on my one and only night in Los Angeles on this trip, I was given a few different options. I chose to go to the Curry House since they had a big variety of items and a Curry-Spaghetti Japanese place sounded really interesting to me. I was sad to find out later that there used to be a location in San Diego off Convoy that has since closed. Sad I never knew about it!

Curry House has ten locations in Southern California serving up their take on Japanese curry and other Japanese items.

I stared my meal off with a simple salad.

Well, sort of simple anyway. I don’t think I’ve seen kidney beans in a salad before… or green beans for that matter. In any case, it was lovely and flavorful and the dressing was very nice.

[Teppan Hamburger with Teriyaki Sauce]

After looking over the long and somewhat confusing menu, I decided to get one of the Teppan Hamburger steaks. It comes to you sizzling hot on a cast iron plate surrounded in a sea of teriyaki sauce, onions and veggies (which are on the other side of those gigantic onion rings).

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