honest tea

I got the opportunity to try a handful of Honest Tea flavors this summer.

Honest Tea makes its products with all organic products – focusing on the tea and the flavor.

Among the flavors I got to try (from left to right): (Not Too) Sweet Tea, Half & Half, Pomegranate Blue , Orange Mango and Cranberry Lemonade.

Regular sweet tea has always been too much for me – to me, it just tastes like really sweet sugar water. Honest Tea’s version of “sweet tea” is much better. It’s sweet without being overbearing. It’s sweet but still drinkable. Sweet, but you can still taste the tea!

The Half & Half is organic tea with lemonade. This was one of my favorite flavors of the five I tried since I love the lemonade and tea combination. The lemonade adds just the right amount of lemon and sweetness to this flavor of tea. It’s not quite as strongly flavored as other teas, so this one is much better if the bottle is cold, rather than pouring it over ice.

The Pomegranate Blue isn’t a tea – but is another caffeine-free fruit drink. Again, not too sugary but it’s also not a very strong pomegranate flavor – kind of like “pomegranate light”.

The “Orange Mango” is my least favorite of the bunch that I tried. Mango and orange… I don’t dig the taste of the two flavors together.

The Cranberry Lemonade though is another one of my favorite – I just the ones that have a little bit of the lemon flavor in the mix! This pink drink didn’t disappoint me – though again, it’s not a very strong cranberry flavor but it brings in a bit of sweetness and tartness to the drink.

Each of these featured flavors are bring in a good mix of organically made drinks. At 100 calories a bottle, these low calories flavored drinks offer up a nice, refreshing way to quench your thirst!

Disclaimer: I was given complimentary bottles of Honest Tea drinks to sample. I was not paid for this review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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