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I wrote about Churros El Tigre not too long ago for Travelin’ Local – but the first time we went, Jake and I only tried the churros. We went back and had the churros again but we also tried their other items – namely the fried plantains. The first time we went, we happened to meet the owner, Louie, who invited us to come back and tried the plantains.

Louie was a character – fun and exuberant and very much into his work. He has a real passion for food and what he does and Jake and I were very taken in by talking with him and his stand. He used to own a restaurant (in addition to the market that the churro stand is in front of) and he told us all about it while the woman working the fryer made us the bananas for us.

This is the first batch – the traditional batch that’s given when you order. The plantains are fried and then La Lechera (sweetened condensed milk) is put on top of the bananas, giving them an added sweetness. The plantains have a slight crispness on the outer edges but are still soft in the middle. This is a really rich, sweet dish – good in smaller quantities!

After talking with Louie for a bit, he asked the woman to make the plantains like he likes them – sliced much thinner and cooked a little longer. These are more like banana chips (though not quite as crunchy as the dehydrated variety). I preferred this version a little bit more since the plantains are sweet all on their own. The frying brings out the sugars in a different way though so they have a different kind of sweetness. They’re good this way!

Of course, the star of the show here is still the delicious freshly made churros. The batter runs down into the hot oil and the sweet goodness is made for you on the spot and then rolled in cinnamon sugar. Jake and I bought three bags to take home with us and wouldn’t you know – even cold these are still the best churros I’ve ever had!

If you’re in the area, I highly recommend you swing on by to get yourself some churros or bananas. They’re out on the street Tuesday-Saturday after 5PM until about 9PM and are at the Spring Valley swap meet on the weekends. Give them a ring to see if they’re out that night – sometimes they are off to do catering events. It’s a sweet and inexpensive treat that you will love!

Churros El Tigre
2483 Imperial Ave
(between 24th St & 25th St)
San Diego, CA 92102
(619) 867-2915

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