IHOP – free birthday food / mira mesa – san diego, ca

IHOP is new on my list this year – I don’t remember ever going here for free birthday eats but I have a feeling it’s not “new”. Here’s the coupon:

The birthday coupon is good for a Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘n Fruity – OR – a menu item of equal or lesser value. Good for 2 weeks, received 1 week before my birthday.

Since I wasn’t in the mood for pancakes for lunch, I opted for the latter. The retail price of the Rooty Tooty is $8.29, so I looked around until I found something to my liking.

I ended up going for the “Take Two Combo”. There’s a list of 8 items and you get to pick 2 for your meal. It cost just under $8 (don’t remember the exact price) so it would fit the bill.

[Loaded Potato & Bacon Soup – Creamy potato and bacon soup topped with Cheddar cheese and sour cream.]

Soup sounded like a really good idea.

This soup though I would really pass on. It was served lukewarm (I should have asked for it to be heated, but I was feeling meh) and had a very thick consistency. After making my own potato soup many times in a row, this one just doesn’t hold up. There’s not a lot of flavor or seasonings in the soup and it just tasted like bland, canned, condensed soup.

[Half Double BLT Sandwich]

My BLT sandwich on the other hand was perfectly fine. It was sort of like a club sandwich with the extra bread in the middle there and I liked it well enough. There was plenty of bacon and the ingredients used were good. Pretty standard for a sandwich.

I paid for only the tip (about a $1.25) so this was a pretty good free birthday meal. I like that they offer more than just the advertized special on the coupon allowing for a little flexibility for anyone who doesn’t want to get the breakfast.

One other thing to note: when you sign up for your free birthday meal via their eclub the Pancake Revolution [or join via Facebook], when you select your favorite IHOP location, that will be the location you must visit to use your coupon at. Something to keep in mind when signing up!


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