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I had never been to Wings n’ Things before this visit. Sure, I had heard about it, seen it lots of times before, so it’s not like I don’t know what it is. I just had never been for some reason. It’s a local San Diego chain serving up Buffalo Style wings to the masses in San Diego.

They’ve got a pretty limited menu. You can get wings, chicken strips, or shrimp, all buffalo style. I don’t remember if they serve mild, but I know for sure they have “hot” and “medium” – I choose medium heat.

I ended up getting the 5 Wings Meal + drink for $5.99. The menu will tell you the combo is $4.99, but that’s without the drink. You also get 2 bread sticks, carrots & celery, and your choice of sauce (Ranch or Blue Cheese). Blue cheese for me, please.

These wings were… spicier than I thought they would be. But I’m a total wuss, so don’t mind me. These wings are pretty meaty, come in a ton of sauce, and are pretty tasty… once I ate some celery sticks or bread sticks to cool off my mouth. I only ate four of my wings.  The bread sticks are akin to Pat & Oscar’s… but not quite there. I truly believe the only reason Pat & Oscar’s is still around is because their bread sticks are amazing. The rest of their food is crappy. Though I will eat the pizza and Greek salad just so I don’t only eat bread sticks for a whole meal.

I suppose I could have eaten all of my wings if I didn’t also get this: Breaded Mushrooms ($3.19). Now, they don’t look like much. And I didn’t think much of them when they actually arrived at my table. They just look like little fried balls of … who knows what.

But, after eating one, I was hooked. These were really juicy on the inside and had that crisp battered outside shell and I think there’s a little bit of cheese in there with the mushrooms. Really tasty – I would come back for the mushrooms alone!

I went to this place on a Tuesday at almost 1PM and the line was out the door. By the time I left it had simmered down a bit, but I was surprised at how busy this place was. I don’t think I can always just do wings for lunch, but man… I could totally do mushrooms for lunch. Wait, does that sound weird? Oh well. I guess I’ll be the one eating mushrooms and bread sticks in the corner then. If only they would just sell me one wing…

Wings n’ Things
9174 Mira Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92126

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