birthday cakes!

The lack of posts around here is due to my limited budget lately. I’ve got a couple of “cheap eats” posts coming up, but in the mean time I thought it’d be fun to do a post about some of the birthday cakes I made in the latter half of 2009.

Transformers Birthday Cake

This Transformers cake was made for my boyfriend’s younger son. His older brother also had a Transformers cake and he decided he wanted what his brother wanted. I tried a different approach for my “road” and I think it turned out well.

Red Velvet Birthday Cake

This was a simple red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting I made for Alyssa’s birthday. I got the cute little red flowers from a local cake decorating store called Do It With Icing (which is where I get all of my cake decorating supplies).

Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Cake

This cake was made for my boyfriend’s daughter. She knew exactly what she wanted as soon as Jake asked her what kind of cake she wanted – Littlest Pet Shop! Since I can’t make the little figurines myself, I found this little “Birthday Set” and put some of the pieces of it on the cake. Purple and pink seemed appropriate for the cake even though she’s not a pink and purple kind of girl.

Hazelnut Ganache Birthday Cake

And finally, this is the cake I made for my own birthday. It’s covered in chocolate ganache and hazelnuts. Mmm, mmm.

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  1. These cakes are so cute, and delicious looking! I’m excited to have children so that I can make them I cake. I need to start making cakes for events because I feel that we are starting to get away from making cakes. How sad! Well thanks for making motivated to make a cake.

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