Moments in Cake Making

My summer was fairly free of my baked goods creations. Summers seem better suited for cooler tasting desserts, so the baked goods have been kept to a minimum. I did make a few creations though.

This cake was for my boyfriend’s son’s birthday, who likes the Transformers (if you couldn’t  guess).



His son was somehow fooled into believing this was chocolate frosting, when in fact it’s homemade vanilla buttercream with food coloring in it. I suppose I could have make it chocolate, but I didn’t want to. It’s a box mix cake because I was feeling lazy, but not too lazy to make my own frosting.

I didn’t think this was the best looking cake I’ve ever made, but everyone seemed to enjoy it (especially the birthday boy). Everyone wanted a piece of “the road” which I found to be pretty amusing. The road is more of a dark gray than black because the frosting’s consistency got all weird after I kept adding the liquid food coloring. Mental note: use powder next time. Or spray on food coloring.

My lettering is also off because it was so hard to get the gel to pipe out. In the end though, it tasted good and that’s all that matters.


A few weeks ago on a whim I made a chocolate cake with my favorite vanilla buttercream frosting (again). I only made half a batch though, so it was only enough to frost inside the layers and on top. I covered the middle and top with hazelnuts for some lovely crunch and there you have it.

This cake proved to me that even if the cake A) overflows out of the cake pan, B) sticks to the inside of the cake pan and come out in chunks that C) it can still taste good. A good lesson learned, that was. This recipe needs adjusting though.

Mmmm. Cake.

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