new farmer’s market in mira mesa

Yesterday on my way to pick up my puppy from Petco (she was getting her summer hair cut), I noticed that over by the high school there were a bunch of tables and tents set up. This looked suspiciously like a farmer’s market! I didn’t know that they were starting up one in Mira Mesa and I was quite surprised to see it. I didn’t get a chance to go and peek and see what it all was, but a quick Google search revealed to me the information I was seeking.

Yesterday was the grand opening of the Mira Mesa Farmer’s Market, which will be running every Tuesday from 3PM-7PM. 50% of the proceeds from the market will be supporting Mira Mesa High School and its students to help out the school with the recent budget cuts.

I will defintely be checking it out next week to see what offerings they have for us and taking some photos!

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