Souplantation Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone to entered our first ever giveaway and to the fine folks at Souplantation for hosting this giveaway!

I popped over to to get the winner for today’s giveaway and the winner is: #1!

Kate B: That lemon lava cake is making my mouth water just imagining it! I love Souplantation, and have been known to eat ridiculous quantities of their quattro formaggio focaccia!

Congrats, Kate, I will be emailing you shortly!

One thought on “Souplantation Giveaway Winner!

  1. Some time ago I had dinner at the Brentwood, Los Angeles, Souplantation. I t was just awful. I started to feel ill between 6-8 hrs after eating there. My doctor diagnosed me with food poisoning. Will naturally never return to ANY Souplantation, ever again!

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