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I read about Pastalini on Yelp – I was looking for Italian food in and around Mira Mesa – something I hadn’t tried before. I spotted this place and it looked relatively new and was just over on Miramar Rd. The other thing? I looked at the website and everything started at $5.95. More budget friendly meals!

I knew I would be coming here for dinner with two of my friends so I called to find out how late they were open. I was told “until 7PM for now”. I was afraid they might close early and be another “lunch only” place so I was happy to find out they were open for a little longer.

pastalini - san diego - outside

We popped inside and the owner welcomed us and asked us if this was our first time in the restaurant. We told him it was and he went over how it worked. You start at the far end and pick your pasta type – fetuccini, rigatoni, angel hair, you get the idea. Then you pick your sauce – tonight they had Four Cheese, Alfredo, Marinara, Vodka, and Romesco (a sauce with roasted vegetables). Then you pick your meat – meatballs, grilled chicken, shrimp – and then your choice of veggies. You can really customize your meal to your liking here with a wide number of variations available at your disposal. After you pick all of your items, they get heated through on a skillet in front of you and then served up at the end for you to pay. It’s quick and fast food like, without all of the grease.

I decided to get: rigatoni with four cheese sauce with shrimp, mushrooms, onions and fresh garlic. You also get 3 “breadnuts” (basically just garlic bread rolls) with your meal as well – all for $5.95. You get a lot for the money as well – I had a little leftover when I was finished!

pastalini pasta - san diego

The pasta itself was very good and rich. The flavors combined really well. The one thing I didn’t enjoy was having to eat the shrimp individually because I didn’t want to eat the shrimp shell, but this is a minor thing. The shrimp was cooked well – just a touch of chew, probably due to the reheating – but still tasty. The four cheese sauce was good and I enjoyed all of the items combined together in my pasta. The only other thing I didn’t really enjoy were the bread rolls – it was obvious it was the end of the night since they were tough and didn’t taste very fresh.

pastalini pizza - san diego

The owner spotted me taking photos of our food and asked me why, and I was honest and told him I was a food blogger. He came over a little while later with three small slices of their Honey Roasted Garlic pizza for us to sample. The pizza was made on whole wheat dough and had big pieces of roasted garlic on top. I happily munched on my slice, enjoyed the sweet garlic on the pizza. This is something I would want again – but I would maybe add an item if I could (like some goat cheese – I am a sucker for goat cheese).

This food was good for the most part and an excellent place to try instead of a fast food joint. The service is fast and the food is good – and everything starts at $5.95 – the pasta, the small pizzas and the salads. Definitely a good place for a quick lunch if you don’t have a ton of time and on the flip side it is also a good place for dinner and a relaxing evening with friends.

Pastalini Pasta Bar
7190 Miramar Rd. #109
(just west of the Pyramid)
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 777-5656

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  1. wow, you’re getting the VIP treatment for being a food blogger. I look forward to the day that happens to me. I love garlic on my pizza. Great pictures!

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