fling chocolate

I was in Ralphs the other day buying a few groceries. Standing in line for checkout, the only thing to look at is either magazines with crazy headlines (Oprah is an Alien!) or the candy. I looked at the candy and spotted this new item called “Fling”. The packaging of course is what attracted my eye, since it’s obviously geared towards women instead of children with the colors, font, and name (ahem).

fling chocolate

“Naughty, but not that naughty.”


A quick internet search shows that Fling chocolate isn’t a new product, it’s just new to the US and is currently only available in California. It looks like they’ve changed the marking a little (new slogan, new colors) for the US market. Also, their website will happily tell you that a fling chocolate bar is only 85 calories a bar, which is somewhat exciting. But how does it actually taste?

fling chocolate - inside

Well, it’s okay. It has a small crunch on the bottom – a meringue base – and a truffle-like almost-creamy like chocolate on top of that and then the outer chocolate shell. Apparently it also shimmers from some special FDA-approved mica but I didn’t even know it had a shimmer until I read that on the fling chocolate website. Maybe I need to eat my chocolate outside in the sunshine next time.

Fling chocolate didn’t really do a whole lot for me. It was okay. I know it’s trying to pass itself off as a speciality chocolate, but the fact is that if in the candy bar aisle next to the M&M’s, it’s not really a speciality chocolate. If I want a truffle, then I’m going to go buy a truffle and not this. If I want a quick chocolate fix, I might get this again… or I might just reach for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  I didn’t find it to be awesome, just okay. I didn’t think it was horrible, it just … seemed lacking, somehow. Oh well, nice try, chocolate people.

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  1. I must know what Ralph’s you got it at! I’m in love with the chocolate and I live in West Los Angeles..

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