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Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza is a chain that originated in San Diego and has expanded locations in San Diego, Southern California and Nevada. Just think, the next time you’re in Vegas, you could go to Sammy’s! Or, you know, you could just enjoy the Vegas nightlife and forgo food for drinking. Whichever.

I recently visited the Scripps Ranch location with a friend of mine on a Saturday night. The benefit of this is that Scripps Ranch isn’t quite as crowded as other locations would be (I’m looking at you, Mission Valley and La Jolla). We were seated right away and didn’t have to wait, score! We opted to sit inside, but I did notice that they had a heated patio area and seating in the front of the restaurant – which I think would be lovely on a summer night (mental note).

After mulling over the menu for a bit, my friend and I decided to share a few dishes. I had a coupon from the trusty Entertainment book (buy 1 menu item, get 1 menu item for free – up to $9) so sharing enabled us to try an appetizer and a pizza and split the costs.

sammys woodfired pizza - appetizer - san diego

For our appetizer we tried an item from their new “Tapas” menu, the “Crab, Shrimp and Artichoke Dip” ($9.95) with grilled herb flatbread. This was quite tasty – the artichoke dip is enhanced with the crab and shrimp and is served hot with a golden crust on top. The flatbread is also super good – it reminded me a lot of warm, fresh pita bread but with a ton of herbs in it. We slathered our grilled bread with the dip and happily enjoyed our appetizer before the pizza came.

sammys woodfired pizza - san diego

Our pizza choice for tonight (pardon the blurry photo) was the “New York Style” pizza ($10.95) – sauteed mushrooms (only on my half of the pizza – my friend doesn’t like them), pepperoni, salami, and Italian sausage. You get six pieces from one pizza, and paired with the appetizer it was just the right amount of food for me. The pizza was good, though I thought they skimped on the toppings a bit. While I got a ton of mushrooms on my half, the meat toppings seemed to be lacking all around. Aside from this, the pizza was good. Not entirely dream-worthy, but pretty good.

sammys woodfired pizza - messy sundae - san diego

We also decided that we had to have dessert to share. I had my heart set on the”Messy Sundae” ($8.50) and I was not disappointed when it arrived. It’s a huge dessert and filled with real ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, walnuts and lots of whipped cream. It’s a dessert lovers dream and you should try one of these if you haven’t had one already! I especially enjoyed having the extra chocolate sauce on the plate so I could dip my ice cream into it and add more chocolate… so good. If you join their Tasty Bytes e-mail club on their website, they will send you a coupon for a free Messy Sundae… so really, you have no excuse now to not go and try one of these as soon as possible. Yum!

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza
Multiple Locations in San Diego

10785 Scripps Poway Parkway
San Diego, CA 92131
(858) 695-0900

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  1. We go to the Carlsbad location whenever we are on vacation from Phoenix. We have NEVER been disappointed! You have got to try the Lobster Bisque! Yum, yum………and the 5 Cheese pizza (we have to minus the Gorgonzola due to my daughter….) is divine.

    This location has not skimped a bit on our pizza toppings-and the service is always top notch! It’s one of our “Vacation Must Haves!” We so wish they’d expand here! Oh, I love the Chicken wrap with the olives too! I’m hooked.

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