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Le Peep Grill is a chain (though I should note that this is the only one in California) that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner – apparently the star of the show here is their breakfast, since my coupon said there can be a long wait on Sunday mornings. But it was Tuesday and close to lunch time and I was in the area running an errand with my mom, with a coupon in hand.

Le Peep definitely has the whole “chicken” theme down in the restaurant. The wallpaper border is all chickens, the walls are decorated with nest wreaths that had eggs nested inside and near the entrance was a bookcase filled with all different kinds of chicken figures. Yes, Le Peep. I get it.

The place was nearly empty, but since it was Tuesday, I was pretty much expecting that. We were seated quickly and a waitress came by to take our drink orders. We both got the flavored coffee of the day – Cinnamon Pecan – which came in our own little pitchers so we could refill our own cups (a little over $2 each).

Maybe I made my mistake here, but I was really wasn’t in a breakfast mood anymore, since it was almost 11AM. I went for the Turkey Panini ($8.29) with a side salad. My mom got the Mushroom Burger with criss-cross fries ($8.49).

le peep panini

Maybe I didn’t read the menu carefully either because my “panini” came on grilled pita bread… which is not bad, it’s just I was expecting actual bread, grilled and toasty for me and my tummy.

le peep panini closeup

The panini was roast turkey with melted cheese, bacon, avacado and all of the regular fixings (lettuce, tomato, mayo). It was an okay sandwich. It didn’t really knock my socks off or seem to be particularly special in any kind of way, but it wasn’t terrible either. It was just a bit different than a normal panini, due to the bread choice. I’m still not really sure if I liked it or not, to tell the truth. But it filled me up and I took the other half of it home to eat at another time.

le peep mushroom burger

I also had a bite of my mom’s mushroom burger, which again, was just okay. It tasted like they toasted the buns on the grill with a ton of butter, since it had a distinctly buttery taste. The fries were good though.

Service was okay – the waitress did come by to take our orders and drinks quickly, but when I needed a box I was pretty much left to my own devices. She had dropped off the check when the food arrived, checked on us once and that was it. It was a slow day for them though, so I can’t really hold it against them. They were friendly though and waiting for a box didn’t really make me fidgety or anything, but it was a little noteworthy.

So. Maybe breakfast is really the only thing you should get here? I’ll leave the answer to that question up to you.

Le Peep Grill
13385 Poway Rd.
Poway, CA 92064
(858) 679-2006

2 thoughts on “le peep grill / poway, ca

  1. Hmmm…I’ve made a lot of panini with pita bread but I usually do so because the type of fillings I’m using would otherwise all fall out. But in this case it looks as if the ends of the pita are open so perhaps they were just going for flavor? Who knows. I do like turkey, bacon & avocado! 🙂

  2. They were probably trying to go for flavor, or be “edgy and different” or … something. I really could have forgotten that on the menu it stated pita bread! Oh well. I made my own panini the other day, but the pictures did not come out very well so I didn’t post about it. I’ll keep dreaming about sandwiches in the meantime.

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