grilled hot wings and homemade ranch dressing

The only thing I find interesting about football is football food. The  sport doesn’t hold my interest at all, while thoughts of delicious appetizers make me excited.

Jake wanted to watch a Chargers game and asked if I would make hot wings. Pfft, you barely have to ask me to do such things. “Make something delicious!” he says. “Okay!” I say. That might be the basis for our relationship.


[butter and hot sauce mixture]

I made a hot sauce mixture from scratch and took it to Jake’s house to pour over the wings.

This is the hot sauce mixture inside of butter. Looks kind of gloopy and weird, doesn’t it? It also seems like a hefty amount of butter, but I did prepare four pounds of chicken wings…

Also, it’s only a half a stick of butter. I’m not Paula Deen, y’all.

[pouring the hot sauce]

I want you to know that in retrospect, I would not have not poured the sauce over the wings first. I should have put this sauce on after the grilling since the sauce pretty much evaporated into thin air while cooking.

So basically, don’t do this. I’m showing you an image of what not to do. Just sprinkle some salt and pepper over those wings and don’t do what I did. Or you can try it if you want. I won’t judge you and the recipe police aren’t going to take you way or anything.

You know why? Because they don’t exist! Woo hoo!

My idea was that I was marinading the wings, so I put the wings back into the bag they came and ported these over for grilling at my house. No sense in dirtying up another bag of plastic, right?

I decided that grilled was the best option. It was hella hot that weekend (like, triple digit record breaking hot) and turning on the oven was out of the question. My dad already had the grill on for some ribs he was making, so we just threw my wings on.

Best idea ever!

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