Bangin’ Burgers | Miramar / San Diego, CA

Bangin’ Burgers is a joint over in Miramar, amidst the many other businesses in the area. When I think of Miramar, I think of furniture […] Read More

cali baguette express revisit / mira mesa | san diego, ca

Another visit to Cali Baguette Express for lunch – to have Korean BBQ and try some of those tasty looking things in the front counter’s […] Read More

Bob’s Big Boy / El Cajon | San Diego, CA

I know it’s very likely that as a child I went to Bob’s Big Boy. They used to be pretty prevalent back in the day, […] Read More

Wings n’ Things / Mira Mesa | San Diego, CA

I had never been to Wings n’ Things before this visit. Sure, I had heard about it, seen it lots of times before, so it’s […] Read More

Royal Mandarin Chinese | National City / San Diego, CA

Royal Mandarin in National City is one of the hopping Chinese restaurants around town and one of a handful with those dangerously delicious salted pepper […] Read More

mad dogs cafe / pacific beach | san diego, ca

Ahh, another Groupon deal. If it weren’t for these sites (LivingSocial, BuyItWithMe, etc.) I would probably try less new places. But luckily they exist – […] Read More

that’s amore pizza / miramar | san diego, ca

I live and work in the same area but there’s still plenty of opportunity for me to discover and try new places even though I’ve […] Read More

the prado / san diego, ca

On a rainy Sunday in March, I met up with my long time friend, Sarah, and took her to the Prado for lunch. Sarah was […] Read More