holiday baking: pistachio cookies

For some reason, I was kind of digging on pistachios. It sounded like a really good idea to make some pistachio cookies for Christmas this […] Read More

Baking (mini preview)

I was too tired yesterday to do proper blogging, so I leave you with a photo of posts to come about my holiday baking! These […] Read More

gears of war birthday cake

It’s birthday time again! Jake’s youngest son, S., is the latest in a lineup of birthdays and he asked for a Gears of War cake […] Read More

Tasty Things in Life: Faux Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits

I have proclaimed my love of Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits before. I’ve been meaning to try and recreate these forever, but sometimes I’m just really […] Read More

tasty things in life: chocolate + hazelnut

I love hazelnuts. And I love chocolate. It’d be a safe bet to say that I also love nutella. I recently made some lovely chocolate […] Read More

lazy blogger weekend

I meant to post this stuff yesterday, but I did not do one productive thing all weekend and it was GREAT. Please note that I […] Read More

the tasty things in life: blueberry muffins from souplanation

I’m going to start doing “short posts” on Wednesdays featuring things that I love! The Tasty Things In Life Here’s my first post: the blueberry […] Read More

bake sale recap

The bake sale was great fun today! Not only that, but we raised $1750 for the Share Our Strength charity today – wow! It was […] Read More