beach bowls, kona pies and girly drinks at islands restaurant

I’ve been to Islands quite a few times. Those skin-on french fries they are are highly addicting. But they’ve got other stuff, too! You know […] Read More

sneak joint / mission beach – san diego, ca

The Sneak Joint in Mission Beach is definitely a dive bar. No doubts about it. I don’t mind dive bars, really. I think they’re fun, […] Read More

dave and buster’s – mission valley / san diego, ca

I hadn’t been to a Dave & Buster’s in years, but I was recently invited to swing on by and to check it out again. […] Read More

la jolla brew house / la jolla – san diego, ca

I don’t usually document negative experiences but: A) I’m tired B) I decided I don’t care C) I’m doing a service for you guys, right? […] Read More

monkey paw pub & brewery / downtown – san diego, ca

I’d driven by and seen the Monkey Paw a few times when Jake and I have headed Downtown for something. It’s right on the corner […] Read More

analog bar / downtown – san diego, ca

Ahh, Downtown. You have terrible parking, are very crowded, but have so many hip restaurants that I want to try! Damn you and your devilish […] Read More