donovan’s prime seafood / downtown san diego

Last week I posted pictures of what I made for Jake for our 6th anniversary and this post will be about our anniversary dinner out! […] Read More

hodad’s / ocean beach – san diego, ca

I haven’t been to Hodad’s in forever. The last time I went was when Alyssa (my good friend and long ago writer for this blog) […] Read More

sherman’s shack / sherman heights – san diego, ca

One very recent Friday night, I wanted to go out for burgers. Jake and I made our way Downtown to go to Hodad’s. I thought […] Read More

bridges bar | grill | bay / college – san diego, ca

Bridges Bar | Grill | Bay is a new bar/restaurant that opened near the College Area. It’s a “San Francisco” themed bar, though I don’t […] Read More

bld’s at valley view casino / valley center – san diego, ca

All of the casinos around San Diego have different offers and incentives to entice you into their casino to get you to spend money there. […] Read More

woody’s burgers / miramar – san diego, ca

Woody’s Burgers has taken over the old spot for Bangin’ Burgers which closed down last year. My co-workers and I visited recently for our weekly […] Read More