world’s oldest operating mcdonald’s / downey – los angeles, ca

This is my 7th and final day of a week’s long worth of Eating in LA posts! This post cheats a little though. I’m sure you’ll forgive me. When I was with Jake and Chris and we were on our way to Porto’s, we spotted this sign in the distance: […] Read More

casa bianca pizza pie / eagle rock | los angeles, ca

Oh yes. Day 6! Alyssa & J gave me the option of picking where I wanted to go for dinner. They suggested 3 different options and I chose Casa Bianca Pizza Pie which is not too far from their house. Alyssa called ahead for seating and they told us the […] Read More

canelé / atwater village | los angeles, ca

Now we’re fast forwarding to places I went last weekend when I went to visit Alyssa in LA (aka Day 5 of Eating in LA). I drove up Saturday morning since Friday night traffic is killer. Driving up to LA Saturday morning was much more tolerable (until I hit pockets […] Read More

porto’s bakery and cafe / downey – los angeles, ca

Day 4 of Eating in LA! Potato Balls. That’s all I have to say. I’ve had potato balls at a local Cuban restaurant here in town and they were alright. I’ve been wanting to try the ones at Porto’s for quite some time so this visit to LA was perfect […] Read More

the tasty things in life: auntie em’s cupcakes

Welcome to Day 3 of “Eating in LA”! Since it’s Wednesday we’re doing another “Tasty Thing In Life” – this week’s item are the cupcakes from Auntie Em’s Kitchen in Eagle Rock, CA. Alyssa and I went to Auntie Em’s so so long ago. In fact, it’s included in the […] Read More

dean sin world / monterey park – los angeles, ca

These are the continuing adventures of Eating in Los Angeles! Welcome to Day 2, my friends. I’ve seen a bunch of blog posts about this next place which is what in part convinced me to try it out. I was in full control of our dining itinerary in Los Angeles […] Read More

manuel’s original el tepeyac cafe / east la – los angeles, ca

Here’s my first post of our Los Angeles eating adventures! Come back all week for a new look at another “Eating in LA Adventure”! Jake and I have an X-Box Live friend that lives in Florida. Chris came out to visit us last summer and recently came back out to […] Read More

chez nous / scripps ranch – san diego, ca

Chez Nous is a little deli just off of the I-15 in Scripps Ranch. Easy to miss and tucked into a little shopping center with a Carl’s Jr., a Subway and a sushi place, it’s easy to pass by it without giving it much of a chance. But looking at […] Read More